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RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Updated AVR section with info on the FPSLIC/AVR seminars

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) There is a major updated effort under way. Although during the last few monts there were several additions
to the site the News page was not updated.
The biggest change is that all digital camera related designs have moved to
If you are looking for information or you want to order iRemote and PhotoGPS please visit this site.
Due to the update, all e-commerce activities will be disabled for the time beeing from this site.

Members of the AVR webring, please note that Webring has merged with Yahoo and there are a number of changes required. Please visit the webring support pages for more details

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Its been several months after the last major update to this site, but i finaly made it...
I have been very busy with my work, travelled to the US a couple of times and in general i had very little time left to update the site, but as the Spring is here i decided its time to do something.
First of all there is a new script for the  Photo GPS interface that works with the Kodak DC290.  Photo GPS interface was mentioned in May's issue of WIRED magazine.

I have a new design for the Digita enabled cameras.
The iRemote which is an intelligent infrared remote control / remote shutter release that works with ALL the Digita OE enabled cameras

Some clean up was done on the AVR stuff but major update work is underway.
More code snipets, links and valuable developent info for the AVR.
Added the source code of MOD chip for the PSX and the Getting Started Code V 2.0 from David VanHorn

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes)The Photo GPS interface is availiable for sale now.
I have removed the software emulator since there is no need for it anymore

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Added a software emulator for Photo GPS interface, sample photos and a script for
Kodak DC260

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Put latitude and longitude info to your photos using the Photo GPS interface

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) The GPS LCD has new software for faster updates and better display options
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) More links added for the AVR
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) The code of serialy controled servo controler by  is added to the file archieve section

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Stelios Cellar has become an Amazon90X29-w-logo.gif (1557 bytes) associate.
You can search Amazon for books on the subjects i am presending and buy them on-line.
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Added a banner for the seti.gif (21129 bytes) project. Be part of the biggest search for extra-terrestrial intelligence
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) I have updated the Serial LCD with a picture of the board and some code to intreface the Serial LCD to the AVR and Basic STAMP.
I am getting many requests for the Serial LCD so i am considering to offer it as a kit, but have not decided yet
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) More new links for the AVR, our community is growing. I have reduced the size of many of the logos to facilitate faster page loading
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Added Jack Tidwell's code for interfacing the AVR to Dallas DS1305 RTC

As i was very busy at the office, it was not possible to update the site for some weeks now. But here are the new additions
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) The serial LCD interface using the AVR 2313 is here ! With full source code and schematics
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) More AVR links where added - Check them out
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) The JAVR basic for the AVR by Jack Tidwell is also added to the AVR File Archieve
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Several links and small problems where fixed

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Now you can contact me by ICQ, Check if i am online in the main page

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) The Nokia connector can be purchased on-line. Check it out if you want to make an interface to the Nokia 51xx/61xx phones
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Added pictures of the hardware inside the Nokia 6110
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) Added new links to the AVR section
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) The problem with the V3 redirection service still persists. Please use the alternative bookmark

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) The GSM Connection section is updated with the addition of instructions on how to build the cable to connect your 51xx/61xx Nokia with the PC .
The cable is also available assembled and can be order online through a secure order form.
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) In the GPS info section I have add a photo of the "internal organs" of the Tripmate

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) It seems that the V3 redirection service has some problems and a lot of times its not possible to connect using the link
Please use the alternative bookmark

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) The make over has finally finished !
The AVR section is open, with lot's of info, files and links.
RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) I have also created a AVR Web Ring . If you have an AVR related site please join.
This will benefit both you (as the traffic to your site will increase) and the AVR community

RedBall.GIF (263 bytes) In the Playstation section I have added some R3000 stuff

Enjoy !


This page was last updated on 11-02-2001.