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Ok..... I guess it's time I did something on my own site. So bare with me as I begin to change and upgrade this thang! Come back soon!

Alot has changed since I first started this website back in 1999. I'm still the same a little older, a little wiser(LOL so I think). Goals for 2004: Get Richer, go back to law school in the fall and make more money. Well sit back and get comfortable as I take you on a ride into my life.

Insight into who I am & What I'm about

The Many Stops on my Road Trip of Life

Shout Out Central
A website promoting African-American Greek Life.
Hallmark Cards
Your online shop for cards and gifts.
Sisters Sippin Tea
Sisters Sippin' Tea Bookclub. (Another Taia designed page)
Educational Financial Aid online.
R&B group Jagged Edge
My favorite R&B male group, Jagged Edge!
For free email access, Hotmail is the place to go!

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