(Cye of the Torrent)

Japanese Name: MOURI (Fur/Profit) SHIN (Faithful/Trustworthy)
Am. Version Name: Cye
Birthday: March 14, 1973 (Pieces)
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Blue Green (or Sea Green)
Height: 164 cm (about 5'5")
Weight: 122lbs.

Armor's Name: Torrent (Suiko in Japanese version)
Color(s): Light Blue
Element: Water
Kanji Sign: SHIN (Trust)
Special Attack: Super Wave Smasher (Chor Yu Ha in Japanese version)
Weapon(s): Yari (Three-pronged trident spear), Claws on the right forearm, short sword on his back












    ::sits at his desk, feeding his fish:: Hello there! Just feeding my little friends here. Please, make yourself right at home. Are ya comfy? Can I get you anything? Ya sure? Okay. Well, to start things off, my name is Cye Mouri and I'm the wearer of the armor of Torrent. It draws its power from the element of water. My weapon is a trident spear with a yin-yang symbol without the dots on it.

     I was raised by my mother and my older sister, who can be a 'real' pain at times. My mother's a wonderful potter and she grows many beautiful flowers in her greenhouse.

     As for myself, I'm kinda considered to be the quiet one in the group. Heck, some people would even say that I don't have much of a personality. That's because I'm very shy at times and I really don't speak out much, but my opinion and advise is always appreciated by the others. I also have a strong love for the sea. I love the ocean and all its living creatures. It's one of the main reasons why I refuse to eat fish, or any other kind of seafood.

     My second love is for cooking. I'm also known to be pretty good in the kitchen, thanks to my mom. ::laughs:: I guess that you can say that it's one of the main reasons why Kento and I are such great friends! I cook, he eats! Yeah, we're the best of friends, eventhough we argue a times. Nonetheless, I know that I can always count on Kento and the others whenever I'm in trouble.     

Yeah right, Kento!
Well, I guess that's it. It was really nice talking with you and I do hope that you come back for another visit soon.
See ya!!



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