(Ryo of the Wildfire)


Japanese Name: SANADA (Braid) RIYO (Distant)
Am. Version Name: Ryo
Birthday: August 15, 1973 (Leo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 165 (about 5'5")
Weight: 125lbs.

Armor's Name: Wildfire (Rekka in Japanese Version)
Color: Red
Element: Fire
Kanji Sign: JIN (Virtue)
Special Attack: Flare Up Now (Sou En Zan in the Japanese Version)
Weapon(s): Twin Katana Blades













Partner: White Blaze (Large White Tiger)
(His name is Byakuen in the Japanese Version)

     Hi there! Uh... why are you lurking in the doorway like that? ::looks over at the white tiger who's sleeping on the floor near him:: Oh, don't mind White Blaze, he won't hurt ya. Come on in and have a seat! I guess that you're here cause you wanna know a bit about me, right? Okay, then. First off, my full name is Ryo Sanada. Nice to meet ya! I'm the wearer of the Wildfire armor, which draws its powers from fire. My weapons are twin katana blades that can join at the ends as one. I'm also the leader of the group and the wearer of Hariel's White Armor of the Inferno. Here's a picture of what the armor looks like:

Armor of Inferno!

       Pretty cool lookin', huh?! The armor is created by the combined powers of all five of the Ronin armors. It even has its own weapons called the Fervor Swords. White Blaze is the keeper of them when he transforms into Black Blaze.

     I guess that you can call me a bit stubborn willed, but that's only because I hate to see others suffer, especially when it's because of me. I live with my grandmother, who can be down right old-fashioned at times. I can't say much about my parents though. My mother died when I was far too young to remember her and my father was a wildlife photographer, who was killed by a wild animal during an expedition through Africa. I still have nightmares up to this day about what happened. On a lighter note, this oversized pussy cat here is White Blaze. Say hello to our friends, boy. ::sighs as White Blaze opens one eye and yawns before going back to sleep:: Lazy. He's my pet tiger, not to mention best friend.

Ryo Smiling
     Well, that's it, I guess. It was really nice of you to stop by.
Feel free to come back anytime! White Blaze and I'll be here!



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