"Faraway at the center of the sky, I'm waiting for someone.
Alone my murmur is only an empty sound...."
--Rowen/Touma Hashiba, Sky Dreamer (Best Friends CD)

This is a translation that I got off of Theria's Website with the CD Translations.
I really don't know Japanese, although I wish I did...." -_-

     This realm holds the most fascinating stories ever written! Lady Tatsu is so proud of these fine writers that their stories are placed here high amongst the stars! Come and be drawn into the worlds that they are waiting to share with you! Listen to the heroic tales of the Ronin Warriors and many other wonderful new warriors that are out there battling against the dark forces of evil! Oh, and please E-mail these authors who have given so much of their time to writing these Fanfics. I'm sure that they'll find your comments to be most helpful and encouraging (providing that they're nice ones, of course  ^_^).


Our Little Warrior of the sky
"The heavens are my domain, and the stars obey my every will..."


 Hey Everyone!!  I bet that you all can guess the new song playing here with no problem, ne?!! LOL!!  Yep, that's right!  It's Mia's Song from the YST CD Kimi O Nemurasenai, "Angel's Love Song". Hey, keep an ear out!  Ya never know who else you may hear singing in here next!

If you can't hear the music playing, just click on the shooting star as it flies by!

Angel's Love Song from YST CD

Updates ~ January 1, 2003

Sorry folks, but the Fanfic Realm will be down for a bit longer until I get it a bit more organized...

Till you get organized?! OH NO!!  Then there's no hope for any of us!

::smacks Sage on the head::


Oh, I almost forgot!  I've updated the Fanfic Submission Guidelines and placed them on a separate page.
You can find them now by clicking on the link below.

::rubs his head:: Geez... are you always this violent?!

Fanfic Submission Guidelines Previous Fanfic Updates

"Come with me and you'll be,
In a world of pure imagination.
Take a look and you'll see,
Into your imagination..."

-Pure Imagination, "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory"




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