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All Stooges, All the Time!

Columbia Pictures Short Subjects, with Moe, Larry and Curly


Woman Haters

Woman Haters Released on:   May 5, 1934
Moe, Larry and Curly join the Woman Haters Club, but Larry ends up getting married and tries to hide it from the others.

This is the only episode done entirely in song and rhyme. Marjorie White received top billing when the short was first released.

Supporting Cast
  • Marjorie White (Mary, Larry's wife)
  • Monty Collins (Mr. Zero, member)
  • Bud Jamison (Club Chairman)
  • Snowflake (Baggage Man)
  • Jack Norton (Wedding Member)
  • Tiny Sanford (Cop)
  • George Gray (Man on Crutches)
  • Walter Brennan (Train Conductor)
  • A.R. Haysel, Don Roberts, Les Goodwin, Charles Richman and Gilbert C. Emery (Bit Men)
Production Crew
  • Director: Archie Gottler
  • Story by: Jerome S. Gottler
  • Photography: Joseph August
  • Film Editor: James Sweeney

  • Length: 21 minutes
  • Production Number: 112
  • Shooting Dates: Tuesday, 3/27/34 to Friday, 3/30/34

Punch Drunks
Punch Drunks Released on:   July 13, 1934
Curly goes berserk whenever he hears the song "Pop Goes the Weasel," and Moe uses this quirk to make him the next boxing champ.

Remade as A Hit With a Miss (12/13/45) with Shemp Howard, and concept used in The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze (1963) with Curly Joe DeRita. (See Moe Howard & the 3 Stooges, pp. 74-5, 78.)

Supporting Cast
  • Dorothy Granger (Girl)
  • Arthur Houseman (Fight Timekeeper)
  • William Irving (Second Plug Ugly)
  • Jack "Tiny" Lipson (First Plug Ugly)
  • Billy Bletcher (Fight Announcer)
  • Al Hill (Killer Kilduff, the Champ)
  • Chuck Callahan (Restaurant Manager)
  • Larry McCrath (Referee)
Production Crew
  • Director: Lou Breslow
  • Screenplay by: Jack Cluett
  • Story by: Jerry Howard, Larry Fine, and Moe Howard
  • Photography: Henry Freulich
  • Film Editor: Robert Carlisle

  • Length: 17 minutes
  • Production Number: 116
  • Shooting Dates: Wednesday, 5/2/34 to Saturday, 5/5/34
  • Working Title: (A) Symphony of Punches

Men in Black
For Duty and Humanity! Released on:   September 28, 1934
The Stooges are three incompetent interns at the Los Arms Hospital, working for "duty and Humanity!"

The title is a play on the Clark Gable hit, "Men in White." Nominated for an Academy Award, this was the first official "Three Stooges" comedy.

Supporting Cast
  • Dell Henderson (Dr. Graves)
  • Jeanie Roberts (Hiccupping Nurse)
  • Ruth Hiatt (Whispering Nurse)
  • Billy Gilbert (D.T. patient)
  • Little Billy (Patient in Bed)
  • Bud Jamison (Doctor)
  • Hank Mann (Laborer)
  • Bobby Callahan (Messenger)
  • Phyllis Crane (Anna Conda)
  • Arthur West, Joe Mills (Bit Men)
  • Irene Coleman, Carmen Andre, Helen Splane, Kay Hughes, Eve Reynolds, Eve Kimberly, Lucile Watson, Billie Stockton, Betty Andre (Bit Nurses)
  • Arthur Rankin, Neal Burns, Joe Fine, Charles Dorety (Attendants)
  • Charles King (Anesthesiologist)
Production Crew
  • Director: Raymond Carey
  • Story and Screenplay by: Felix Adler
  • Photography: Benjamin Kline
  • Film Editor: James Sweeney

  • Length: 19 minutes
  • Production Number: 152
  • Shooting Dates: Wednesday, 8/29/34 to Saturday, 9/1/34

Three Little Pigskins
Three Little Pigskins Released on:   December 8, 1934
The boys get mistaken for Boulder Dam University's "Three Horsemen" football champs and get hired to secretly play for a gangster's professional team, but they end up losing the game instead.

The game sequences were filmed at Los Angeles' Gilmore Stadium with Loyola University's football team.

Supporting Cast
  • Lucille Ball (Daisy Simms)
  • Gertie Green (Lulu Banks)
  • Phyllis Crane (Molly Gray)
  • Walter Long (Joe Stacks)
  • Joseph Young (Pete, Joe's Henchman)
  • William Irving (Photographer)
  • Joe Levine (Little Larry)
  • Alex Hirschfield (Little Moe)
  • Billy Wolfstone (Little Curly)
  • Bobby Burns (Street Man)
  • Jimmie Phillips, Johnny Kascier, Milton Douglas, Harry Bowen, and Lynton Brent (Bit Men)
Production Crew
  • Director: Raymond McCarey
  • Story and Screenplay by: Felix Adler and Griffin Jay
  • Photography: Henry Freulich
  • Film Editor: James Sweeney

  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Production Number: 156
  • Shooting Dates: Thursday, 10/25/34 to Friday, 10/26/34, and Monday, 10/29/34 to Tuesday, 10/30/34


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