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You can't tune in The DeadZone on the internet.
The last day of broadcast was on 05-31-05
The reason is live365 cost $$$, but . . .
The DeadZone will be broadcasting again !
I will be starting up . . .
Check back for more info

The difference between the
lp/1st cd & reissue cd and
the reel 2 reel mix of

Go and put both cd's in
your player & check out
the total time - it's different

Now go check out
the end of
"A Child Is Coming"

the reel 2 reel and
the reissue remix cd
has something extra

Now play "Sunrise"
from the lp and both CD's

On the reel 2 reel
"Sunrise" fades out,
the sound of Grace laughing
is missing and "Hijack"
starts 5 seconds later

I engineered and played
on a CD called
"Emerald Dance Theme
Variations and Ocean"

to request more information
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p.o. box 154118

irving, tx


page updated: 05-08-2k9
this website started: 1995

peace . . .