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Here are some pictures of my snake collection. WARNING!!! Some of these pictures show snakes swallowing their prey and may be offensive to some people.

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Thulsa Doom is my newest addition. He is very curious and outgoing. He seems to always be hungry, which is not unusual for a Burmese Python.

Thulsa Doom and C'Boath in a recent photo shoot.

C'Boath and Mara Jade, my Columbian Red-Tail Boas. They are the pride of my collection. They have already produced some babies and should have more on the way!!!.

C'Boath and Mara Jade were recently mating again. I hope to have a larger clutch than last time. The babies will be for sale, so check back for updates.

Mara Jade gave birth to 10 babies, but unfortunatley only two survived, as I was not home when she gave birth, and the babies were crushed.

Here are Arthur and Guenevere, my Royal Pythons.

Here are Merlin and Morgana, my Tunsunian Sand Boas.

Here are Spectre, my California Kingsnake and Nefertiti, my Albino California Kingsnake..

Here is Ozzy, my Blizzard Cornsnake.

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