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Cultural Excellence Award

To receive this award your page MUST show:

  • No X rated or Foul Material!
    • Must be suitable for children!

  • Heartfelt concern for the welfare of The Indian
    • This is a matter of opinion.

  • Respect for The Indian Culture
    • No exploitation for profit or discussion of spiritual things

  • Excellence in Creativity
    • Our web pages are our art!

If you feel that your page fits the requirements of this award you may email me at:

I will review your page and get back to you as soon as possible! Please include the email adress you would like it sent to and the URL you would like reviewed.

Sites that have received our award:

The Beadedweb

Rose's Native Stuff

Official Rodney Grant Web-site

The Worlds Largest Longbow!

Deer With Horns

The Centre for Indegenous Theatre

Jason Eagle

Indigenous Peoples Literature

The Prayer of Thanksgiving Homepage

Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre

Shawnee's Reservation

K & M Creations

Alihelisdi's Home Page

The Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research

Please visit each and every one of the sites listed above. They have shown they CARE!

We are HONORED to have these pages display our award!

Updated 12-14-98