The Three Witches

a skit starring a Lavender Witch (Jerry Nelson),
a Blue Witch (Jim Henson), and a Green Witch (Richard Hunt)

actions in brackets []

[Opening: The interior of a cave with a large cauldron bubbling over a low-burning fire. Eerie music is playing, and we see three witches enter cackling: a lavender one with dark hair, a blue one with white hair, and a green one with blonde hair. The blue witch is male.]

Lavender Witch: It's wish time!

[Forgotten lines about using her magic fire to make the wish come true.

She goes to the fire and says a verse which ends with:]

Lavender Witch: Magic fire, do your stuff!

[We see a big puff of smoke but, when it clears, there's no change.]

Lavender Witch: What happened? My magic fire didn't work!

[Forgotten lines from the blue witch, but evidently he's going to try a wish with his magic kettle of water. He goes over to it.]

Blue Witch: Okay, stand back. Give me some room here.
Higgeldy piggeldy, ding dong dell.
Kettle of water, dig my spell!

[Another puff of smoke, but still nothing.]

Lavender Witch: A lot of smoke, but no magic.

Green Witch: Too bad. But I've got one sure thing that makes all my spells come true.

[She holds up a rubber chicken.]

My magic chicken!

[She gives a wild peal of laughter]

Hobbledy gobbledy, glickery gluck.
Magic chicken, bring me luck!

[Another puff of smoke, but with no result.]

Lavender Witch: Looks like none of our magic spells are working.

[Green witch says something, and she gets into an argument with the lavender witch.]

Blue Witch: Hold it, wait a minute, girls. What if we witches cooperate?

Lavender Witch: Cooperate? Combine my fire with your magic kettle and her magic chicken?

Blue Witch: Exactly. Now, let me just get my kettle of water ...

[He puts it on the fire.]

Green Witch: Throw in my magic chicken!

[She tosses it in the kettle and laughs as a burst of steam erupts from it.]

All Three: One, and a two, and a three, and a ...
Watch the witches cooperate.
And bring us something really great!

[Another puff of smoke. This time the spell seems to have worked.
Lavender witch says something I've forgotten.]

Blue Witch: This is something we all wanted!

Green Witch: Chicken soup!

[Laughs. They all take turns eating it with a wooden spoon. More dialogue?]

Lavender Witch: Too bad we don't know a witch with some noodles.

[Music starts again. Fade out.]

Transcribed by Silvery Shoe

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