cartoon by Paul Fierlinger and Larry Gold

(Cartoon opens with a man walking out of his house and sneezing on his sleeping dog.
The dog jumps up and barks at him as the music starts.
We pull back to show office-type buildings on either side of the man's house and a city landscape in the background.
As he moves away from his dog, he continues to sneeze through the first verse.)

When you've got a cold in your nose
And you stop to sniffle and blow
Don't let your sneeze get away from you
Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-choo!
Keep it to yourself, it's easy to do

(A bus pulls up in front of the man, he gets in from the other side.
During the next verse, he sneezes and the bus disintegrates around him.
He gets off the debris, walks behind the bus, sneezes, and the building to the left of his house collapses.)

Carry tissue when you go
On a bus or to a show
Don't let your cold get away from you

(The man now walks to the other side of the bus debris, sneezes and the other building falls to dust.
He climbs to the top of the debris, points his face skyward, sneezes, and the city surrounding his house crumbles.)

Whether you're at a home or school
Don't forget this simple rule
Don't give your cold to someone else
Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-choo!
Now every time you have to sneeze
Cover your nose, please

(He walks back to his house, pulls a hanky from his pocket and sneezes into it as his dog cowers.
He then walks into his house, the dog sneezes, and the house falls apart, leaving the man sitting in the rubble.)

Originally transcribed by Jen Finlayson, actions added by moi, Tiny Dancer