A Gift

sung by Big Bird
from the video "Sing-Along Earth Songs"

Be kind to the river
Be good to the trees
Smile at the sunshine
And bow to the breeze
Say "thanks for the perfume"
Of every flower you sniff
What a world
What a place
What a gift

Respect the deer and buffalo
The lion and tiger too
Be kind to dogs and pussycats
And they'll be kind to you
Take care of the forest
And fish in the sea
Look after the beetle
The ant and the bee
Say "thanks for the raindrops"
And all the clouds that drift
They're for you
They're for me
They're a gift

They're for you
They're for me
They're for everyone
They're a gift

Transcribed by the archive's gifted webmistress Tiny Dancer

Note: Buy or rent this video if you can, Big Bird's voice when he sings the word "gift" is absolutely beautiful, and to hear it sung over the video footage of kids interacting with animals etc. is ... well ... a gift.