We're Alive

sung by Kermit The Frog (Jim Henson) on a hillside
surrounded by various animal muppets

Ever since I was a baby in the bog
I was always a curious little frog
I remember asking mama when I was five
I asked her what it was to be alive

And she said
If it's growing flowers or it's growing hairs
If it grows too big for the clothes it wears
Then you'll know as you watch it and you see it grow
It's alive

If it's splashing water or it's breathing air
If it roars like a tiger or it eats like a bear
That'll show you all you need to know that it's alive

Eatin' a sandwich or eatin' a shoe
Snackin' on apples or left over stew
If it's breathing or growing or eatin' some lunch
I think that's it's more than a hunch
That it's alive
We're alive
We're alive
We're alive
'Cause we eat and breathe and grow
We're alive

And we've one more fact to state
That we think it's really great
To be alive
To be alive
To be alive


Transcribed by the archive's Webmistress Tiny Dancer