It's All Right To Cry

live action song from the '90s

(Opens with a boy running around a playground. Naturally, he trips on a rock and falls scraping his knee.)

You fall in the playground and hurt your knee
It aches and it burns and you count to three
You can't keep the tears back
You don't have to try
It's all right to cry

(Next, we see a girl with short hair walking slowly home, maybe after a bad day at school.)

It's time to go home and you're all perspired
You're cranky, you're hot and you're really tired
Well, if you feel like sobbing
And you don't know why
It's all right to cry

Crying's not just for babies
Grownups can do it, too
Big kids cry when there's a reason why
If they can do it so can you

When you're feeling sad, it's the thing to do
When your stomach aches
Or your heart aches, too
If you're scared, or you're hungry, or not very dry
It's all right to cry.... cry... cry... cry..
It's all right to cry
It's all right to cry
It's all right to cry

Transcribed by David Frangioso