The Ankle, The Shoulder, and The Knee

sung by David (Northern Calloway), Maria (Sonia Manzano) and Luis (Emilio Delgado)
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Transcriber's note: David, Maria, and Luis, are all dressed as scarecrows and dancing in a cornfield.

David: Oh, your knee is kind of roundish, like an orange or an egg.
(This is all I remember of David's verse. Maybe the next line ends with leg?)

All three: Oh, ABC (I forget the rest of this part)

Maria: Oh, the shoulder is a joint that holds your body to your arm.
And everybody's got them, on the city, on the farm.
They're useful if you want to wave hello or wave goodbye.
And if you want to wiggle them, it's easy if you try!

All three: Oh, ABC, hope, when you are older,
You'll still sing a song about a shoulder!

Luis: (I forget most of this part, but the next to last line of it might end with run.)
And if anybody kicks you there, it isn't any fun!

All three: Oh, ABC, a jinkle and a jankle.
Hard to rhyme a silly word like ankle.

(There may be something else here. I'm not sure.)

All three: Oh, ABC and 1-2-3!
That's all for the ankle, the shoulder, and the knee!

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