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Yahoo! Internet Life
Bit of everything here. Gotta include it as they've been nice enough to review my site. Check my Awards page if you're curious.

I collect the paper version of this fine mag. If you like pics particularly, this place will definitely please you. Nice start to any day.

Entertainment Weekly
Online version of the snazzy and informative mag.

The Netly News
Entertaining and helpful mag about the net and all the wonders and annonyances it offers.

Redbook Table of Contents
Just like the "other" version, this is geared toward women but has a wide variety of topics to interest everyone.

VERY comprehensive site, all free to wander through, includes a link for AP (Associated Press).

Chock-full of Timely (sorry!) info.

Comprehensive version of the newsstand version, lots of links and plenty of good reading.

Internet Magazine
From the UK, another great online version of a very helpful magazine, much cheaper than it is on the newsstands of Canada!

Short and sweet version of today's New York Daily news. Cover story as well as Dish, Sports and Business. Updated on a daily basis.

America's Gateway to the British Isles
A vast site from Britannia Magazine. Keep up-to-date on all things happening in Britain, updated on a regular basis.

Los Angeles Times Web Site
Personally, I enjoy this one for the Entertainment section (can't you tell from my other bookmarks?!) but it is jammed and changed daily

The Vibe
And speaking of entertainment, knock your cyber socks off here! Includes CyberSleaze, a must-read for the gossip hounds out there. This one's packed to the rafters, great stuff!

POSTnet's Front Page
Fascinating and fun online newspaper this one. If you can let the images load, do, just for the full paper feel. Well I liked it anyway and damn it! These are MY bookmarks! Lots of links.

The Beat Within
Now here's something different, all the writings on this site come from "young people who take part in the weekly YO! writing workshops in San Francisco's juvenile hall". Yes, *that* within. Very interesting and insightful reading.

NOW Magazine
A Toronto mag, entertaining and a great view of my hometown. This is the no frames link.

Fortean Times on line
Like the wierd? Then join the crowd and check it all out here.....

Bizarre Magazine
and here

Yahoo! Entertainment: Magazines listing
This is a huge list to choose from, 50K when I added it.