Corporate (but fun!) Links

Ben & Jerry's Flavor GraveYard
Where all dearly missed flavors go ... plus more (hint: Do not scroll down 'till you've seen the show ... watch the gravestones ...). Part of bigger homepage of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

The first page here is image-full and may take a minute or two, but after you're in, it's easy to wander around. Find screen savers, tunes, print ads, a chat forum, lots of goodies from my fave beverage, don't start with me Pepsi people!

Welcome to Kellogg's Cereal City!
Lots of grrrrrreat stuff here including games, coloring pages, merchandise and recipes.

Kellogg's Card Shop
Or go straight here for some really snazzy FREE e-mail cards with Tony the Tiger and more Kellogg's characters wishing friends Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and Thanks.

Welcome to the SnappleSphere!
The official Snapple site. Lots to explore and have fun with some snappy graphics! Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Ummm, well, it looks good and has some great recipes using Nutrasweet. If you haven't a clue what I'm talking about, you must be one of them skinny *%#!!$%%......

Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip Co.
Best darn chip on the planet, IMHO, and a very "graphic" way of selling you some to prove it ... I'm talking cases of chips, collectors tins, hats, shirts and some funky ties, all available to order online. Sure, it's commercial, but it's eye-candy too. Oh and BTW, he was pushed.