Entertainment Links

THE best, most informative entertainment e-zine I subscribe to. All the scoops from all the big names like Variety and Entertainment Weekly mag. Great job, Sean! Sign up for the free mailing.

The Obscure Store and Reading Room
For all the news you might have missed without this site. Includes a ton of links to current news spots, highly entertaining.

HUGE auction house where you can buy and sell your goodies. From a one dollar pair of earrings to a $200,000 car, it's ALL here. Highly addictive, don't send me your internet bills!

Toronto Blue Jays
My boys, my guys, the fellas ... you know what I'm saying right? Love this team and will ignore all hate mail :-) Updated daily and growing quite nicely. Get tickets, merchandise, stats, links, whatever.

As in Jam-packed! Extensive and entertaining site from the fab Canoe Canada site, just dive in!

Links to all of the current stories from various sources. Terrific resource.

Timothy Leary
His home is still open to explore. Although he's no longer with us in body, his spirit will guide you through this site. Hmm ... wonder if you lick your screen while you're there ... na forget it !

Penn & Teller's Homepage
Expect the unexpected from these two. Watch out for cockroaches!

Way cool site for Keith Haring's paintings and such. Be sure to wander through the biography as it links to many more pics. Fab wallpaper for Windows, if you save the images you like and convert to .bmp.

WebCam World
Links and info to just about all the webcameras online. Well, *I* think it's entertaining!

Tarot Reading
I don't wish to dishonor the spirits, maybe I should move this out of "entertainment"? Get yourself a real online tarot card reading FREE.

Urban 75
Famous for being the home of the internationally popular Slap-A-Spice-Girl Game! But, you'll be doing yourself a favour to wander around, terrific spot.

All there is and ever will be on Dr. Seuss is linked to from here. The Zizzer-Zazzer-Zus recommends it!

Really nice spot for vintage toys and stuff. Online store that showcases its goods. Like those great winking eye rings from the '70's and 3D postcards. Terrific!

SJF's Home Page
Shhh ... don't tell anyone but this is STEPHEN FRY'S HOMEPAGE ... talented British comedian/actor whose sense of humour has not been damaged by the net. Not very regularly updated, but a fun spot regardless. Just don't tell anyone okay?

Well, their version of the Truth anyway. Sense of humour a must, but they aren't checking at the door!

The Entertainment Insiders
Good stuff with reviews of new movies, polls, scoops and quotes plus lots more.

Goofy's Wacky World Of The Past
Just wander around, trust me, you'll have a good time. Trust me.