Fun Personal Pages

Wes Clark's Avocado Memories
Fabulous trip through the '70s via Wes' pics and memories. Well worth a click and a bookmark, you'll be glad you did.

The Outer Zone
Erica's done a terrific job here with her homepage. She'll link you to anywhere your heart desires and has some very unique .gifs. Don't forget to take the Candy Test and peek at the Scary Stuff, if you're not too frightened :-)

Mad Hatter's Home Page
I can't verify how mad he is, but he has some good links covering Atlanta, Humor, Entertainment, Music, Win95, UFOs, Science Fiction and, of course, Lewis Carroll & Alice in Wonderland. Groovy backgrounds as well, have a peek yourself.

Dale's Home Page
Another birthday payback. Be sure to check out his press clippings concerning his ... ummm ... personal preference in clothing. Entertaining stuff this.

Mothers From Hell home page
Small look at this group of Moms (and Dads) of handicapped kids who are hanging on for dear life with a sense of humor (only thing that keeps ME going sometimes).

Dianne Thérèse DeSha
With a lovely name like that, what more do you need to know? Just go! Chick links, Forever Knight stuff and some cats. A well done Goddess site as well. No, not Marilyn :-)

David Williams SUPER BORING Web Page
Yeah, right, don't you believe him, the guy's got a ton of great links to show you, something's sure to tickle your fancy .... gosh, if I had a nickle for every time I .... oh, sorry, nevermind :-)

Jonathan Bakert's Original Work
Ummm ... well, he writes his own MIDI files and his own poems and short stories which he'll gladly share. Links for other poetry and MIDI places too.

Glenn Danforth's Humor Factory
A huge humor archive here, this site has really grown!

Monty's Margaritaville
From Scotland with love ... whatever that means! Nice spot with some good links and a lyric quotation page.

Stacey's Desert Dwelling
Deal with it, Stacey's gay and this has strictly lesbian links. If you have a problem with this, then just keep scrolling.

The Mind Of Gmark
Interesting links, some to humorous, thought-provoking scribbles of his own, most to other great spots.

Kiki's Scratching Post
Homepage of the marvelous Kiki the cat, with a good bunch other pages dealing with links, cats, Barney, wood (?) and lots more.

Heather Needs Men ... Now!
At the risk of sending her even MORE potential boyfriends, I just had to include this page here. If you think Jewish American Princesses no longer exist, then go here now. Hands down the most disgusting (but not in a creepy way, just WAY too much money for one family) page I have yet found. Fascinating. If it's supposed to be a joke, fine and dandy, but that's NOT how it looked to me.