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NetTrivia Home Page
Here's trouble ... if you love trivia, chatting and the battle of playing against others in real time, check THIS out! You get the software from here to play and chat whenever you want on a wide variety of topics. WARNING: Very Addictive! Don't send me your internet bills!

Trivia based online games site. You can get lost here if you try! Helps a lot if you have Java but the Mental Floss game is pretty good too, and yes, it has some advertising. Just click on the Riddler image at the bottom of these ad pages to get to the game. Get points, win prizes, have fun.

The Osiris Trivia Quiz
Terrific if sometimes difficult online trivia contest which deals mostly with music and always contains a Bob Dylan question. Changes every week. I have yet to get ALL the answers in the 20 questions, see how you do.

Rock music quiz
Interesting and (for me anyway) hard stuff this. Includes some wav files to identify. Ten questions in all.

TopChoice Trivia OnLine!
This one is nice and quick to move around in. Some prizes, and your scores are kept so you can try to beat yourself and raise your average. Quizzes are 10 questions each, all a mixed bag of categories.

The Trivia Page
Easy, no graphics page which will link you to other huge and small lists of trivia sites. Handy.

From c-net central, a very comprehensive site packed with software to download. My only quibble is that the choices for loading are the same ones over and over and they seem to be VERY popular ( read BUSY ) Choose your time wisely.

THE Software Site
Yep, it really is! They've switched formats recently and are now all games. Download from usually a nice list of choices, sometimes just one.

Happy Puppy
The beginning of what may turn into a long visit for ya ... if you like games.

Absolutely jammed with entertainment and insight. You simply MUST see The Virtual Pet Cemetery (only if you're not a complete cynic as these people are serious about their beloved pets ... heart-warming)

Hirtle Software
Nice collection of Windows software games and some utilities like WinZip.

Games Domain
THE place for gamers, includes reviews and patches and loads more!

Tigger's Children's Shareware and More
Lots of terrific kids' stuff here, including games for the Mac and PC and icons.

The Bingo Zone
Got a bingo jones? Then wander over to this spot where you can play on-line and win actual cash if you yell BINGO!!!!!

Trivial Pursuit
A nice diversion from a hectic day. Stop in and play a game online. You're welcome :-)

Yahoo's List of Game Sites
If the above choices aren't your cup of tea, then have a peek here, you're sure to find something fun.