Help For Making Your Own Web Page

Web-Counter Home Page
For those that want to keep track of all the hundreds of people visiting your page.

The World Famous Guestbook
Homepage of the place you need to be able to put a guest-book on your homepage. Lots of help here.

F1 - Help For You & Your Computer
Fab collection of backgrounds, borders, html tips and color codes to help you out, well worth a click.

HTML Writer Home Page
This is the terrifically easy goodie I used to make my stunning home page ... now, now, that's not nice! Anyhoo, get yourself one of these babies if you need a good, practically free editor. ( donation ware ... if the guilt is too much for you, send the guy 10 bucks will ya? ... ooops! Better get my chequebook out!)

Denton's Dimensions - A gallery of web special effects
If you see some of my icons dancing around, thank this guy by visiting his archive. I'll be listing some other places I found, but I give this guy full points for helping me out and he does have some amazing goodies.

Icon Bazaar - Moving Pictures
Just a small part of Randy Ralph's huge collection of images for your site.

ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio
Extensive collection of animated .gifs in many different categories.

Animation Factory
Tons of free .gifs, includes zip files for faster downloading.

Links for all kinds of image collections.

Pixelsight Home
Lots of terrific stuff here, with the ability to manipulate the images (if the server isn't down)

HTML: HyperText Markup Language
A huge list of HTML guides, very handy

Talyce's Personal Web Graphics Library
Lovely collection of goodies here including the wonderful dragon alphabet among others. Backgrounds, icons, animated stuff, plus lots more. Best part, it's all FREE!

Over the Rainbow: Exclusive Backgrounds, Textures, and Clipart
Terrific place to find all the goodies you need to jazz up your own homepage. Artistic and packed.

Absolute Background Textures Archive
Literally thousands of beautiful images to choose from, has to be seen to be believed.

Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site
I took some icons from here so I'm returning the favour. Pretty good-looking stuff and it's free, what more do you want?

Submit It!
So you've wandered through the above sites, got a really groovy page and now what? Go here for an easy way to announce it in all the big search engine sites.