Humor Links

Not always limited to Top 5, in fact I don't think there ARE any top 5's, but a good bunch of top whatevers like "Top 5 Things Overheard At The KISS Reunion Concert" and such. Funny stuff and sign up for the mailing list.

Dave Barry
If you don't know the name, let me introduce you to one of the best humor writers ever created by the Great Big Funny Guy/Gal In The Sky!! And if you do know the name, aren't you glad you finally found him online? You're welcome.

The Centre For The Easily Amused ... and that's me! See if you are too. Great stuff.

Nude Man Carrot
Truly shocking! Now I know where all the hoopla about the evils of the 'net came from ... keep the kids away from this one!

Cat Scans
Steer the kids away from here as well. Truly original idea that just cracks me up and I adore cats so save your hate mail.

Wade's Cartoon Home
Reminds me of "The Far Side" a bit. Here you'll find the joke of the day (or week), free cartoon icons you can use, an archive or two of past cartoons and more. From Australia so he can't be all bad. :-)

Steven Wright Jokes
What more can I say? Good stuff for your .sig file or whatever.

Canadian World Domination
Be afraid, be VERY afraid!

Wutka's Weird Works
Funny and clean stuff here, includes cartoons as well as actual writings. They're not long, so do check 'em out. I physically LOL, really I did.

The World According To Jeff
This guy has an opinion on everything and let's you have what appears to be ALL of 'em! Funny if not exactly politically-correct.

Bad Speller
Pretty good stuff here from a local cartoonist. No nasty stuff, just funny. (Previously called "TimWit")

Tina's Humor Archives
You can't find something to tickle that funny bone here? Well you're just not human that's all and get your fur off my keyboard!

100 Random Taglines
Yup, exactly. Every day a new 100 taglines to stick in your .sig file or whatever.

Steve's Home Page
Okay, deal with it, Steve's a cat alright?! But he is one cool customer!

Webb Page Confidential
Not sure where else to highlight this unusual and entertaining site. Loads of fun so that's how it ended up here. Do yourself a favour and click on Objet Of The Week and keep clicking on Last Week's Objet. Some of the strangest things I've ever seen!

The Beach Bull Magazine - A Comedy Tabloid from Panama City Beach in Bay County, Florida - Home Page and Index
Exactly what it says. Funny stuff here. Available in a print format, but this is pretty packed.

10 Classic Internet Jokes
And many more too! These are clean, funny and well worth a trip. If you're on any kind of humor mailing list then you may have seen some of them before.