Movie Links

Alright! The fantabulous UK movie mag is now online. I adore the paper version and was thrilled to finally have them appear on my computer. Warning: A sense of humour is a must.

Internet Movie Database
Search for anything on movies, actors, characters just about anything you need on movies. Anything.

AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)
THE official site of the Oscar Awards and entertaining at any time of the year. It may look bare ... but just keep clicking 'cause there are some treasures here.

Seems to focus on upcoming movies, nicely laid out and informative site.

The Balcony
Great site for all movie fans, especially lovers of the classics. You'll find some beaut sounds (in the quotes section) as well as info for joining the mailing list. These folks LOVE movies. Be nice to the Head Usher and please get your feet off the back of my chair!

Shrine to Cary Grant
And how, this is a must-see if you're a fan of Cary or other actors from his era. Lots of sounds, pics, articles and links to all kinds of classic pages.

Elizabeth's Classic Movie Homepage
Everything you could possibly need to explore the classics, from "The African Queen" to "The Wizard Of Oz", includes a terrific collection of audio and video downloads. Bookmark it, you can't possibly cover it all in one sitting.

The Big List Of Movie Mistakes
Did you know that Darth Vader's lightsabre is colorless in one scene of "Star Wars"? Or that a dead woman blinks in "In Cold Blood"? Grab some trivia to annoy your friends with here.

The Movie Cliches List
They're all here. Dogs that always bark at the bad guys and the fact that there are always people carrying around large sheets of glass on the street during a car chase.

The List: The Journal of Eccentric Celebrity Behavior
Let's just say not everyone worships the stars, okay? If you enjoy a bit of cattiness with your coffee, this site will open your eyes. Some of 'em are just nuts and we love 'em all.

The Wallace and Gromit Appreciation Page
These are those glorious claymation characters that have won their creator Nick Park 2 Oscars so far. Great spot for mucho info and goodies, including sounds and pics.

Wallace & Gromit Webring
This will give you the full list of Wallace & Gromit sites linked via the webring, enjoy!

The Movie Sounds Page
Fabulous and packed with loads of movie sounds (includes exact description and size of each)

It's a Wonderful Life
What used to be the best site online for this classic movie has now been split into two sites, this is the first one from Australia. Includes many great pics, sounds in RealAudio format and an extensive section on goofs and fun facts about the movie.

It's a Wonderful Life
Here's the second site full of posters, sounds in .wav format (more than 90!), trivia, the script etc. A must-see for my fellow fans.

Movie Magazine Links
Great links page for movie sites.

Humphrey Bogart Page
THE site for Bogie fans, period. Includes many sounds (.wav format) and a wonderful image gallery along with much more.

Vincent's Casablanca Page
You know if I adore Bogie then I must be a fan of this classic. In my personal top ten of all time, find out why here. Includes the full script, many sounds, a couple of video clips and much more.

Casablanca Sounds
Here's looking at you, kid ... and many more, all in .au format.

Toy Story
Official site from Disney, all the goodies have been restored including toys, games, reading and info on software you can test out and buy from here.

The Lion King WWW Archive
Quite possibly the best movie site online period, what an amazing collection of Lion King goodies! Includes numerous pics, sounds, scripts, cut scenes etc. Slap a bookmark on this one if you're a fan.

Teen Movie Critic
Hey, even the kids have a point of view! And, boy, does this guy LOVE movies. Intelligent and loving commentaries.

The EAR-chives!
Very comprehensive site jammed with TV, movie files and various celebrity sound bytes. "Go ahead, make my day"

Star Wars Trilogy
The official site for the mother of all sci-fi movies. Packed with fascinating info. A must see if you're a fan.

Doug's Super Star Wars Sounds Page
A good collection of sounds, no size description but I've loaded up on quite a few and most were reasonable size.

The official site of the wonderfully wacky Monty Python troop.

Random Monty Python Skit Server
Got a craving for some of the finest comedy ever written?! Get a random skit to enjoy, reload, get another one, what a concept!

Chris Lundie's Monty Python Movie Sounds
Now this is the way to do it. Descriptions of each of the many files including size. Packed.

Drew's Scripts-O-Rama
Nicely done site devoted to both TV and Movie scripts. From The Brady Bunch to Reservoir Dogs this guy has links to 'em all ... well ... not ALL but a darn nice bunch.

JAWS - The Home Page
Da dum ... da dum ... da da da da .. You know what's here? The theme, sound bytes, videos and lots more from one of my all-time fave movies. Hurry up, go now and don't look behind you!

Nocturnus' Pulp Fiction Page
Terrific homage to a great movie, includes the script, QuickTime movies, sounds, you name it!

Coming Attractions
Current and upcoming releases from Corona Films. Keeps you ahead of the pack.