Useful and Interesting Links

What's New Too!
Usually around 1000 new sites every day which you can search through or view 50 at a time. Perfect when you have no idea where to go today. Changes daily. HINT: Highlight, copy and paste your choices into a seperate file, the URLs are there in print. Very helpful.

Homepage of the marvelous Free Agent, a news reader I would be lost without. You can use this baby offline for reading and composing and best of all it is FREE! No shareware, the whole fab package. Don't waste your valuable time on-line trying to follow the newsgroups with your browser anymore. Go here now!

Deja.Com - Query Form
Used to be Deja News, this links you straight to their search form. Type in a name (try your own, you'll be amazed!) or subject and find all the newsgroup postings relating to your topic. And I DO mean ALL! Rather scary really, but welcome to the modern age.

100hot websites
Handy spot to start your surfing from. Changes weekly and rates the top sites by searches and visits. A bit of everything here.

The British Monarcy
Yup, the Queen's online, what IS the world coming to?! All kinds of lovely pics, lots of info and, yes, even a FAQ, amazing. Welcome to cyberspace, Your Majesty.

Read the name closely fellas ... cybergrrl, not cybergggguy, so deal with it, this one's for my fellow chicks out there. Oooooodles of sites and stuff, all geared to and/or made by women. Hear us ROAR!

Tons of links for women, well, I could care less if it's sexist, they're for women okay?!

Angry Mothers
Yeah, that's right, some of us moms are darn ticked, ya got a problem with that?! Join your sisters in misery here, and, by the way, when are ya gonna pick up your blasted socks?! Do I have to do everything around here? Sheesh.

Screen Savers Bonanza
Lots and lots of sceen savers here, for Windows 3.1 and 95 as well as Macs.

HowTo - The Best Online Help for New Users
Lots of very helpful stuff here if you're new to it all or simply need help with anything. You can download a new browser, music players, video players whatever.

InReference, Inc.
Well laid-out site for searching through newsgroups and mailing lists. Search by topic, author's name and email address. Handy.

UnOfficial Guide to Drinking Games - WWW version
Not that I'm condoning drinking yourself into a stupor, but if you'd like some help, go here for a fabulous collection of various drinking games. Includes tons of TV shows.

Jack's Link Spot
A good collection of links, all neatly categorized for ease, and you can even listen to some great MIDIs as you surf around, your choice of what you want to hear. Also gives a choice between frames or no-frames, something I wish more folks would do.

Whale Songs
A journey into the underwater world of our beautiful cousins. Includes audio bytes and terrific pictures and commentary.

CyberHemp Links
Umm ... not sure how this one slipped into my bookmarks list! If you're not sure what cyberhemp could possibly mean ... well ... umm ... phat chance you'll like it!

All About Beer
I'm not kidding, this site is packed with beer stuff, including industry news and home brewers info. Just grab a bowl of pretzels and surf on over, it won't even leave a beer ring on your screen!

Greeting Cards
They're free, they're virtual postcards, they're personalized, what else do you need to know? Some of the nice folks that visit me have sent me some and I can now say ... Wahoo! Thanks, they're great!

KMMC - Multimedia Greeting Cards
Can't really comment as my video mem is shot right now and I can't view these in all their glory. Apparently these cards are quite attractive and interactive.

The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
Heard a story about a guy who knew a guy that did that thing you just can't believe is true? Check here before passing the tale along as being true. These guys'll know!

Addicted To Stuff
Trust me just click anywhere and you'll be lead to a small or huge list of terrific places to visit.

Homepage of BLIZZARD - Mark van Ketel
Bit of EVERYTHING here, from Sports to Music to Games, Lyrics, Links, it goes on and on.

Clive Barker's Official Site
Clive is a fabulous horror/fantasy author and one of my all-time faves.

World Birthday Web (WBW)
Advertise your birthday and, hopefully receive greetings from all over the globe! I'm not making any guarantees here, but give it a shot. This used to link you to May 29th ... I wonder why? ;-)

Volition Home Page
All kinds of great free stuff here, from e-mail zines to recipes to 800 numbers to call for free goodies. Give it a look, you're sure to find something helpful.

The Costume Jewelry Showcase
Don't let the bare look of the front page fool you, there are some real "gems" here (ouch! bad pun alert). You'll find necklaces, pins, earrings and such, all with full page pics and all affordable. Have a look yourself, nice stuff here.

Thingys On The Net cameras - interactive devices
Great big list of all those spy-cams and such you've heard so much about. This site includes outdoor cameras, indoor even pagers (?!)

Name in Hieroglyphic
Simply and grandly that. Type in your name, see how it looks in hieroglyphics. Why not? It'll only take a minute...

Australia Online
A great way to catch-up for us home-sick Aussies.

A Visit to Yesterland
Fascinating voyage to all those long-lost Disneyland attractions. This guy's a fan.

Robert's smiley guide
If you don't know the difference between this :-) and this ;-) then wander over here for a full guide.

Index of /~warreng/stuff
Interesting collection of files, some wavs, some Grateful Dead sounds, and a useful collection of utilities. Small, but efficient.

Information For E-Mail Lists
If you're looking for a mailing list or two this site should cover it.

World Wide Words
Great exploration of the English language, must-see for my fellow word nuts.

Inspiring stories about everyday people and their heroic tales. Well worth a look and sign up for the free mailing. Gets ya right here.

This Is True
On the other side of the coin and from the same webmaster, these are true stories from all over the world. You'll be laughing and shaking your head at the madness surrounding us. All available as a free mailing.

My Virtual Reference Desk
Really cool collection of everything available online from quotes to encyclopedias to news to ... well everything!

Antarctica -- travel Stories by Maohai Huang
Fascinating voyage of discovery to Antarctica. Even with my lousy video mem these pictures are stunning. And the reading is also a bonus. You'll feel as if you've been right there with him.

Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List
Hmmm ... well, you see, you add your own things to this week's Top Ten List (nothing to do with Letterman's) then see if you show up on the final cut! Ummm ... well it LOOKS like it could be fun ...

John Mann's Wacky Packages Web Page
Remember those product parody stickers that came with bubble gum back in the 70's? This guy certainly does, in fact, the guy seems to have an unhealthy obsession with 'em! But seriously, nice images and info here.

The CyberMom Dot Com
Nice looking place this. All about "Moms With Modems" and packed with goodies and conversations.

The ToyWeb
Fascinating stuff this. Prices begin at 1 measly dollar for a wide selection of actual toys (not computer stuff but figurines, books, collectables etc). Worth a visit IMHO.

NTN.COMmunications Inc.
I haven't fully explored the possibilites here, this is a personal stop for me from the people who run the trivia games at bars and restaurants across North America (the world?). Apparently there is a trivia game to play online here though.