Bob and Big Bird Present The Letter F

starring Bob (Bob McGrath) and Big Bird (Carroll Spinney)

(Bob is standing outside of Hooper's store in the wintertime, holding the letter F.)

Bob: Oh, hello everybody! Welcome to Sesame Street. See this letter here?
This is the letter F, and it makes a sound like F, F.

(Big Bird comes walking up to Bob)

Big Bird: Burr! Burr!

Bob: Oh hi, Big Bird! It's pretty cold outside today, isn't it?

Big Bird: Cold? I'm f-f-freezing, Bob! I can hardly feel my f-f-f-feet!
And my face looks funny, and so are my f-f-feathers.
Well, I'm going to go get a hot f-f-fire! Burr!

(Big Bird walks off, leaving Bob holding the letter F).

Transcribed by Michael Ducker