The B-Stalk

a cartoon


A boy named Jack
Took the letter B
And planted it in the ground
To see if the letter B would really grow
So he watered it
And what do you know
The B-stalk grew and grew so high
It disappeared up in the sky
Well, Jack climbed to the very top
And what he saw made him gasp and stopped
When Jack had arrived to the Land of B
It was big and beautiful and Jack said

Jack: Gee!

Red Lower-case b: Not G, its B in Alphabet Land
With things with B are really grand!
We ride in buses
We ride on bikes
And bananas are the foods everyone likes!

Jack: Whats that?

Red Lower-case b: Our zoo, and youll see the animals names
All begin with B
Like bears and buffalos
And birds and bees
But dont feed the animals if you please
The games we play begin with B too
Like baseball and basketball
To name a few (?)

Jack: Oh! Heres the B-stalk. Id better get back before my mother calls.

Jacks Mother (whos under the Land of B): Oh, Jack!

Jack: I gotta go! Shes calling me! It was great to visit your Land of B!

(starts climbing down the B-stalk)

Boy, that was fun!
Oh, what a day!
Hmmm, what would happen if I planted a K?

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