Bumble Ardy's Birthday Party (9)

NOTE: This cartoon was animated by Maurice Sendak and based on his own Bumble Ardy books.

Bumble Ardy had a party
When he was nine.
Which isnít bad.
In fact, itís fine.

[Bumble goes over to the phone and makes a call.]

Except ... he asked nine groovy swine
To come for birthday cake and wine at ten past nine.
Which isnít bad.
In fact, itís fine.

[Adeline comes into the room, and Bumble quickly stands in front of the bottle and wine glasses heís set on the table.]

Except ... his mom, sweet Adeline,
Who left the house at one past nine
To go to work at Smith & Klein,
Just hated swine to drink her wine,
Even on a day so fine
As Bumbleís birthday number nine.
So ... he simply didnít tell her.

[Bumble waves goodbye and closes the door behind her.]

At nine past nine, the piggy swine broke down the door
And guzzled wine and hogged nine cakes and oinked nine grunts
And pulled nine kinds of dirty stunts!

[Bumble laughs and claps as the swine throw dishes around, dance on the table, and draw pictures on the wall.]

The house looked like a stinking sty.
And Bumble Ardy had to cry
When all nine swine squealed, ďCheers! Cheers! Cheers!
May Bumble live nine hundred years!Ē

Which isnít bad.
In fact, itís fine.

[During the next lines, Bumble sees his mom coming and ducks under the table.]

Except ... just then, sweet Adeline,
Who finished work at half past nine
And hurried home so she could dine
With Bumble on his birthday nine
And found, instead, nine swilling swine,
Began to shriek and shake and whine:

ďIíll give you pigs Ďtil number nine to split! Get lost! Vamoose!
Just scram, or else Iíll slice you into ham!Ē

[As each pig rushes out and slams the door, she raises a finger, nine in all.]

Nine times the door slammed.

[Door slams once more.]

Then again.
ďHow odd,Ē thought Adeline. ďItís ten.Ē

And then a voice cried, meek and humble,
ďPlease let me in. Itís your boy, Bumble.Ē

So Adeline, that mom divine,
Took in her Bumble valentine
And kissed him nine times over nine.

Which isnít bad.
In fact, itís fine.

[As she kisses him nine times, Bumble holds up nine fingers. A heart forms around both of them.]

Transcribed by Tavia and SilveryShoe@aol.com