The Count And The Candles

skit starring The Count (Jerry Nelson)

(Opening: A room in the Count's castle. The Count is looking at a candelabra that holds four lighted candles.)

The Count (laughing softly): It is time for bed. But first I will count these candles. One, two, three, four! Four candles!

(Laughs loudly, and the usual thunder and lightning come.)

Ah, how illuminating. (To camera) Ah, come. Come closer. Watch this. Four take away one...

(A candle goes out with a little "ding" sound.)

...leaves three. Three take away one...

(Another candle "dings" out.)

...leaves two. Two take away one...

(Out "dings" a third candle. The room is very dim by now.)

...leaves one. My, it's getting dark in here. Oh, well. One take away one...

(The last candle "dings" out, leaving the room almost pitch black. The Count is barely visible by this time.)

...leaves no lights!

(Laughs, and the lightning that follows illuminates the room for a moment or two.)

Which makes it very dark. Now...

(He moves toward the staircase, bumping into something on the way.)

Who left this chair here?

(He continues toward the stairs. The yowl of a cat is heard.)

Oh, my little pussycat, Fatatita, I'm sorry! You should be out playing with Hubert.

(He proceeds on his way. In the dim light we see him on the stairs, where he pauses.)


(He continues upstairs. Fade out.)

Transcribed by Silvery Shoe