Dialing For Prizes Movie

Game show skit with Guy Smiley (Jim Henson)
and Mr. Lucky (Jerry Nelson)

parody of Dialing for Dollars

Announcer: “Dialing For Prizes Movie”, and here’s the ever-popular star of daytime television - Guy Smiley!

Guy Smiley: Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is Guy Smiley, your host of the “Dialing For Prizes Movie”! And we’re going to be interrupting today’s movie from time to time to call some lucky person in our viewing audience. And if they can tell me what the lucky word beginning with the letter ‘F’ is, they will win some fantastic prizes! And now, here’s today’s lucky ‘F’ word!

Announcer: Today’s lucky ‘F’ word is ‘FUR’.

(The word ‘FUR’ appears on the screen.)

Guy: ‘FUR’! Yes! That’s the ‘F’ word for today, and the word is ‘FUR’!
And remember that ‘F’ word for today and stay tuned because we might be calling you.
And so, now let’s start with today’s exciting movie! You’re gonna love this movie, you’re gonna love it!

(Scene switch to the scene of the black-and-white footage film and it only lasts between possibly 5 or 10 seconds.
Scene switches back to Guy.)

Guy: Wasn’t that a wonderful movie, ladies and gentlemen? That was a classic!

And now, we’re going to make the today’s telephone call.

Remember, if the person I’m calling could tell me the lucky ‘F’ word for today, he or she will win some fantastic prizes, so at this moment, we’re gonna find out who this lucky person is.

Guy Smiley and Mr. Lucky on their phones

(Guy calls the lucky television viewer of today using an old-fashioned 1950’s-1960’s phone.
Mr. Lucky picks up his very old-fashioned phone, the really old one Alexander Graham Bell invented!)

Mr. Lucky: Hello?

Guy: Hello, to whom am I talking to?

Mr. Lucky: This is Mr. Lucky speaking.

Guy: Mr. Lucky! What a fantastic name! Mr. Lucky, this is Guy Smiley!

Mr. Lucky: Guy Smiley, on “Dialing For Prizes Movie”?

Guy: Yes, that’s right, and are you watching the show?

Mr. Lucky: I am watching the show! Of course I am! And I know the lucky word for today.

Guy: You do? That’s great, but what is it?

Mr. Lucky: The lucky, lucky ‘F’ word for today is … is … ’FUR’!

(the word ‘FUR’ appears on the screen again.)

Guy: WONDERFUL! You’re absolutely right, Mr. Lucky!!!

Mr. Lucky: I win! You mean I win?

Guy: Yes!

Mr. Lucky: Oh, but what did I get? What did I win, Mr. Smiley?

Guy: Well just calm down and I will tell you! In honor of the ‘F’ word for today, we’re sending you some things that are covered with fur!

Mr. Lucky: Things covered with fur, you mean like fur coats?

Guy: No, like monsters! Wonderful furry monsters!!!

(Four monsters, Frazzle, Herry Monster, a green one with a bird’s beak, and a purple one without its nose come into Mr. Lucky’s house and start doing negative things to Mr. Lucky)

Mr. Lucky: (to the monsters) Oh no! What are you doing? No! Get out! You can’t come in here!

(Tries to let them out of his house but they start tackling him.
Scene switches back to Guy.)

Guy: Isn’t that wonderful? And now, we’re gonna return you to the most exciting conclusion of today’s movie …

(Mr. Lucky rushes in a quick emergency)

Mr. Lucky: Hold on! Just a minute! I’m Mr. Lucky and I’ve come back to return your monsters.

Guy: You can’t give them back; they’re yours, Mr. Lucky!

Mr. Lucky: Mine???

Guy: Yes! Wonderful!

(Monsters start doing negative things to Mr. Lucky again.
Frazzle and a green one with a bird’s beak tackle him as Herry and a purple one without its nose laugh at him.)

Look at all of those wonderful monsters! Isn’t that wonderful?
And this is Guy Smiley, and it’s another lucky winner on today’s “Dialing For Prizes Movie”!
Yeah! Wonderful!

Memorized by the lucky Mikealan802@aol.com