Doin’ The Trash

Toss out the lightbulbs, stomp on the cans
Shake out the paperclips and old tin pans
Keep out the garbage, boy what a bash!
Doin’ the trash

Chop up the boxes, smash up the wood
Smash up the cartons, boy it sure feels good
Drop all the dishes, what a nice crash
Doin’ the trash

It might be messy, but that’s okay
‘Cause being messy is how I love to spend my day

Cart out the ash cans, all you can bring
Show me the dump and let me do my thing
Dancing around with style and flash
Doin the trash

Trash out the window, trash on the door
How could you ask for anything more?
Where do you see such flair and dash
Doin’ the trash

You do your number, and I’ll do mine
My romper rubbish just suits me fine

Give me the junkman driving his truck
When I start to boogie, boy is he in luck
Stomping around, making a splash
Doin’ the trash

Let yourself go now, hustle and leap
We’re gonna make it to the top of the heap
Hey, sanitation man, Cisco crash
Doin the trash

You’re going quiet, we’re going loud
Buddy, let me tell you, this is some great crowd
What a fiesta! Wow, what a clash!
Doin’ the trash

I get so happy, my feet could fly
My trashcan ramble will take me up into the sky

Come to the party, let’s have a ball
We’ll clean up the neighborhood and junk it all
Hey, what a hit! Boy, what a smash!
Doin’ the trash

Transcribed by Terry