Ernie Tries To Remember What He Forgot

skit starring Ernie (Jim Henson) and Bert (Frank Oz)

[Scene: Bert and Ernieís bathroom. Ernie, wearing a robe, is drying himself off. Bert enters.]

Ernie: Hi, Bert.

Bert: Oh, hi, Ernie. What are you doing?

Ernie: Oh, Iíve just finished my bath. But I think thereís something I forgot to do.

Bert: Well, maybe I can help you remember.

Ernie: Okay.

Bert: Letís see ... you just took a bath, so maybe you forgot to wash something. I know! You didnít wash behind your ears.

Ernie: Oh, I washed behind my ears. See? [He shows Bert the underside of one.]

Bert: Oh, thatís good there.

Ernie: And the other one ...

Bert: Yeah, thatís good, too. Letís see, how about ... your face? You didnít wash your face, Ernie!

Ernie: Oh, I washed my face, Bert. See how shiny-clean it is?

Bert: Oh, yeah, it is. Well, letís see, how about ... your hands? Maybe you forgot to wash your hands.

Ernie: Oh, I washed my hands, Bert. [Holds them out.] See how clean they are?

Bert: Oh, yeah.

Ernie: I washed my wrists, too.

Bert: Them, too, huh?

Ernie: Mmm-hmm.

Bert: Hmm. I wonder what you forgot ... Oh, I know! You didnít wash your neck. Sometimes we donít wash our necks, but thatís okay, Ernie ...

Ernie: Oh, I washed my neck, Bert. See there? [Tilts his head up.]

Bert: Oh, you sure did.

Ernie: I know I washed my neck.

Bert: I wonder what you forgot ...

[Suddenly, they both see a line of water stretching along the floor ... and starting to rise toward the ceiling!]

Ernie: Wait a minute. I think I know what I forgot!

Bert: I do, too!

Ernie: I think I forgot to turn off the water, Bert! Oh, no!

[The water rises up to the ceiling. Iím not sure if Bert and Ernie sink or swim!]

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