Get Along

sung by Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson)
with the Twiddlebugs and other assorted Muppets

Kermit: Now here's a way for all of us to get along

(Twiddlebugs: Tweedle bug, Tweedle bug!)

Just put your heads together and try to sing a song

(Twiddlebugs: Tweedle bug, Tweedle bug!)

When you get it right, you're gonna want to sing it all day long

(Twiddlebugs: Tweedle bug, Tweedle bug!)

Well you might want some words, so just repeat after me

(4 Muppets: Just repeat after me)

Yeah singin' together's as easy as one, two, three

(4 Muppets: It's as easy as one, two, three)

And before you know it you'll be singin' in harmony

(Twiddlebugs: Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle!)

All together now.

Kermit & 2 Muppets: When you're feelin' jumpy
And all you want to do is shout

(Twiddlebugs: Tweedle, Tweedle!)

Open your mouth, think of a song
And let the music pour right out

So take a breath and open wide
Share the music that you got inside
And show the world the most fantabulous way
To what?

4 Muppets: Get along!

Kermit: Now you've got it
Get along!
Cooperation, it's beautiful
Get along, everybody!

All: Oh yeah!

Kermit: (spoken) That's getting along!
That's terrific, everybody!

Transcribed by CookieCountDawn

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