sung by Stephen J. Grouch, Telly (Marty P. Robinson),
Grungetta (Pam Arciero), and Oscar the Grouch (Carroll Spinney)

not complete yet

parody of Camelot from the musical of the same name

Stephen J. Grouch: The sun never shines in Grouchelot!

Telly: And there's always long lines in Grouchelot!

Stephen: The hot breezes blow
And the flowers don't grow
That's the way that you know ...

Stephen and Telly: It's Grouchelot!

Telly: You won't need my flash in Grouchelot!

Grungetta: And there's great piles of trash in Grouchelot!

Oscar: All night grouches yell!
It's so yucky and swell ...

Transcribed by Silvery Shoe

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