Grover Gives A Bathing Lesson

skit with Professor Grover and his Mommy (both Frank Oz)

fuzzy memories, not complete

(Opening: Grover, wearing a mortarboard hat, is sitting in his empty bathtub at home.)

Grover: Oh, hello there! This is your old pal, Professor Grover, and I am here to demonstrate the art of bathing.

Now, there are two things you need in order to take a bath.

The first is a tub, which I am sitting in, and the second is a bar of soap, which I have right here.

(He holds it up.)

Now, what you do is you take the soap and rub it, say, on your arm. See, like this.

(He rubs it on his arm.)

Rubba, rubba, rubba, rubba. You can do that on your cheek, too.

(Rubs it on his cheek.)

See, you go rubba, rubba, rubba, rubba.

(There might be some lines here I don't recall. Just then, Grover's mommy enters the room.)

Oh, hello, Mommy!

Grover's Mommy: Oh, hello, Grover dear! I see you are all ready for your bath.

Grover: Oh, no, Mommy. I am not ready for my bath; I am taking a bath. See?
I have my soap and my tub, the two essentials of bathing.

Grover's Mommy: But, Grover dear, you can not take a bath with your hat on. It will get wet!

Grover (puzzled): How will it get wet, Mommy?

Grover's Mommy: It will get wet from the water. You see?

(She turns on the tub's faucet and stops the drain.)

Grover: Water?

Grover's Mommy: Yes, dear. (She leaves the room.)

Grover: Uh ... as I was saying, there are three things you need in order to take a bath.

Oh, I am soooo embarrassed ...

(Sinks down into the tub.)

Transcribed by Silvery Shoe