Grover and Kermit - Here or There?

skit starring Grover (Frank Oz) and Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson)

not complete yet

[Grover is carrying a huge armful of bricks and asks Kermit where to put them.]

Kermit [pointing]: Just put the bricks right over there.

Grover [goes to where Kermit is pointing]: Here?

Kermit: Yes. Now, put ‘em down.

[But Grover doesn’t put the bricks down. He’s confused by the fact that he’s “here” and Kermit said to put them “there.” Kermit tries to explain.]

Kermit: Any place where you are, Grover, is “here.” And any place where you are not is “there.”

[Grover is exhausted from the weight of the bricks, but he’s still confused, so he continues to carry them.]

Grover: He says “there.” But I am here!

[At last Grover comes up with a solution. He stands still and throws the bricks offscreen.]

Grover: I did it! Grover here. But bricks not here, so Grover put bricks there!

[Close-up on Kermit as his head sticks out from the pile of bricks.]

Kermit: Yeah, Grover. I just wish you hadn’t put the bricks here.

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