Grover Demonstrates The M Sound

skit with Grover (Frank Oz) and Herbert Birdsfoot (Jerry Nelson)

not complete, just the ending

Starts with Herbert Birdsfoot giving a talk about the letter M and looking for someone to help out by making the M sound. Grover comes along, going, "Mmm, mmm!" Well, that's just what Herbert needs. But after he's finished his talk, Grover keeps making the sound of the letter M. Herbert tells Grover his talk is over, but Grover's only response is "Mmm, mmm!". It ends with:

Herbert (sniffing the air): Hey! I smell peanut butter. Were you eating peanut butter?

Grover (nodding emphatically): Mmm-mmm!

Herbert: Well, if you were eating peanut butter, I'll bet it stuck your mouth closed. Here, let me help you. (He pulls Grover's mouth open, and Grover gives a huge sigh of relief.)

Grover: Thanks, Herbie.

Herbert: You're welcome.

Grover (who has tried to open his mouth and found it stuck again): Mmm, mmm!

Transcribed by Silvery Shoe