Happy And Proud

(Throughout the song, kids of all colors jump through the air in slo-mo.
Obviously there's a trampoline out of the camera's view.
The main kid in the song is a black boy celebrating his birthday.)

There are some days that seem
Right out of a dream
Just make you want to shout out really loud
I feel totally proud

Kids: Proud!

But this great day I feel
Is really for real
It's an okay day
It's my birthday
And I'm feeling
Really happy and proud

Kids: Happy! Happy!

Oh, everybody smilin'
Feelin' happy too
I'm with my family and friends
I hope this day never ends
Wishes do come true

I wish everyone could
Feel always this good
With the sun up above
And down here lots of love
Yes, I'm feelin'
Loving, happy and proud

(For the last verse, we see kids dressed in black starry jammies, the background totally black with hand-drawn white stars.)

All these memories I'll keep
As I go to sleep
I will fly up to Mars
And even touch the stars as I start dreaming
Sleepy, happy and proud
Sleepy, happy and proud

Transcribed by the archive's webmistress Tiny Dancer