Harvey Kneeslapper's Confetti Trick

skit with Harvey Kneeslapper (Frank Oz) and a girl Muppet

[Scene: A wall that can be walked around, with a closed door in it.
Hanging near the door is a rope. When the rope is pulled, a bucket above the door will tip over.
Harvey Kneeslapper is standing nearby and, as usual, is laughing hysterically.]

Harvey: Oh, hi! Harvey Kneeslapper here, and I got a great practical joke for you!
See, this rope is connected up to that bucket up there. See the bucket? [Giggles.]
Well, inside that bucket is a whole bunch of confetti.

[He walks around the wall and through the door during the next line.]

Harvey: See, what happens is, somebody walks through the door, like this.

[During the next lines, a Muppet girl comes out from around the wall without Harvey seeing her.]

Harvey: They see the rope. They pull the rope and, of course, when they pull the rope, it tips the bucket up there, and then the confetti comes falling out!

[He breaks into a hysterical laughing fit. The girl pulls the rope, tipping the bucket and spilling the confetti all over Harvey. The girl giggles.]

Harvey: Uh-oh, hear that? [He turns and sees the girl.]

Girl: Oh, thatís the funniest thing I ever saw!

Harvey: Oh, you think thatís funny, huh? I donít think thatís funny! You may think thatís funny; I donít!

[The girl keeps laughing.]

Transcribed by Silvery Shoe