Harvey Kneeslapper’s Mirror Trick

skit starring Harvey Kneeslapper (Frank Oz) and a Muppet man

[Scene: A park, where a Muppet man is sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper.
Oddly he seems not to notice Harvey, who is crouched behind the bench and laughing his head off.
Harvey also has a mirror with him, bigger than his head.]

Harvey [to camera]: Oh, hi! Harvey Kneeslapper here, and I got a great trick for you! See, I say to some guy, “Excuse me, do you want to see something funny?” And then, before he turns around, I hold up this mirror, so, when he does turn [giggles] ... he sees his own face!

[He breaks out in another hysterical laughing fit.]

I’ll try it out on this guy here.

[He turns toward the man and speaks in a louder voice.]

Excuse me, do you want to see something funny?

Man [not turning around]: Whatcha say?

Harvey: I say, do you want to see something funny?

[Still giggling, he holds up the mirror.]

Man: Huh? [He turns and sees his reflection.] Funny? What’s so funny? I don’t see anything funny.

[Puzzled, Harvey lowers the mirror, revealing his face to the man.]

Man: Oh, now, that’s funny!

[He bursts out laughing and possibly says something I don’t recall.]

Boy, is that funny!

[Still giggling, he turns back to his paper, leaving Harvey very disgusted.]

Transcribed by SilveryShoe@aol.com