Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

skit starring Guy Smiley (Jim Henson), Oak Tree (possibly Frank Oz),
Granny Fanny Nesselrode (Jim Henson),
Cloud, Sun, Marty Table, and Sara Chair

parody of This Is Your Life with host Ralph Edwards

(Skit opens with an old-time movie still of the title)

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

Announcer: And now it's time for everyone's favorite reunion show, "Here Is Your Life."
And now, here is your "Here Is Your Life" host, Guy Smiley!

(Scene changes to Guy Smiley hiding amongst some bushes with a branch of leaves in one hand and his "Here Is Your Life" book in the other. He speaks softly ...)

Guy Smiley: Hello, everybody, welcome to "Here Is Your Life." I'm Guy Smiley and I'm here in the forest disguised as a tree, so I can surprise our "Here Is Your Life" guest.

(He walks over to an Oak Tree standing nearby, still holding the branch of leaves in front of his face)

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

Guy Smiley: Excuse me, are you an oak tree?

Oak Tree: Why, yes, I am. Who are you? Maple tree? Birch?

Guy Smiley: No, I'm not a tree at all.

(Pulls branch away to reveal his face)

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

Guy Smiley: I'm Guy Smiley! And, Oak Tree, here is your life!

(Fanfare music plays as unseen studio audience applauds and hoots and hollers)

Oak Tree (shocked): Oh, no!

Guy Smiley: Yes!

Oak Tree: No, you're kidding?!

Guy Smiley: No, we're not, really, yes.

Oak Tree: Oh, what a surprise!

Guy Smiley: Yes, Oak Tree, you've had a wonderful life. A life that began right here on this very spot. So, listen, Oak Tree, and tell us if you can remember this voice.

(They stare into space as the mystery voice is heard)

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

Mystery Voice #1: I can still remember Oak Tree when he was just a little acorn.

Oak Tree: Oh, no, that's not ...?!

Guy Smiley: Yes, that's the person who planted you in the ground when you were just an acorn, all the way from the farmhouse down the road, Granny Fanny Nesselrode!

(Music and audience reactions as Granny walks on stage and hugs the tree)

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree
Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

Oak Tree: Oh, Granny, it's so nice to see you.

Granny Fanny Nesselrode: Hello.

Guy Smiley: Tell us, Granny Fanny, was Oak Tree really cute back then?

Granny Fanny Nesselrode: Well, see for yourself. Here's a picture of him just before I planted him in the ground. He was just an adorable little acorn then.

(She holds up a framed picture/drawing of an acorn as they all go "Awww.")

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree
Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

Guy Smiley: Well, thank you very much, Farmer Fanny.

(She hugs the tree again and says "Bye bye, now." as she exits the stage to applause)

Oak Tree (choking back tears): I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her.

Guy Smiley: There's more to your wonderful life, listen to this voice.

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

(Oak Tree holds a branch to his "chin" as he listens)

Mystery Voice #2: Hi, Oak Tree, remember me? I helped you grow.

Oak Tree: I know that voice.

Guy Smiley: Yes, I bet you do, Oak Tree. And listen to this voice also.

Mystery Voice #3: Hi, Oak Tree, you couldn't have grown without me.

Oak Tree: Oh, no, it couldn't be!

Guy Smiley: Yes, it is. It's the Cloud and the Sun, come on out here, Cloud and Sun!

(Applause and music as they enter)

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree
Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

Oak Tree: Oh, my old friends.

Sun: Hiya, Tree, how ya doin'?

Guy Smiley: Wonderful. Can you tell us, Cloud and Sun, how did you all help the Oak Tree to grow?

Cloud: Well, Guy, I rained on him, so he'd have water.

Sun: And I shined on him.

Oak Tree: That's right, I couldn't have grown without them.

Cloud: He remembers!

Guy Smiley: That's just wonderful, wonderful. Thank you, Cloud and Sun, thank you very much for coming out here and being on our stage.

(They leave the stage)

Oak Tree (choking back tears): Oh, this is too much.

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

Guy Smiley: And so, Oak Tree, you grew, along with the other trees around you. And you were happy. And then, one day, some people came and cut down two of the trees that grew nearby.

Oak Tree (sniffling): Oh, yes.

Guy Smiley: Those two trees were your friends.

Oak Tree (sniffling): Oh!

Guy Smiley: You haven't seen them in years.

Oak Tree (sniffling): No.

Guy Smiley: But, we found them. They used to be trees, but now they're a table and a chair, here they are all the way from Sausalito, California, Marty Table and Sara Chair! Come on out here, Marty and Sara!

(A table and chair "walk" onto the stage. Their legs don't move, they're very non-Muppet characters, strictly a table and chair held up on rods.)

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

Guy Smiley: Oh, what a wonderful moment!

Oak Tree: Oh, this is unbelievable!

Guy Smiley: Yes, yes, Oak Tree, this is it. From little acorn to large, beautiful tree. It's been our pleasure to bring you and your friends together on, "Here Is Your Life"!

(The other friends return to the stage as Guy speaks)

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

Oak Tree: Oh, Marty! Sara! Oh!

Guy Smiley: And also, we're going to have for you a beautiful charm bracelet to remember this occasion. There's going to be a party in the forest with all of your friends, there's going to be fertilizer for everyone, the leaves will be there, the bushes from nearby, all the little bitty rabbits will come. Join us again for another visit to "Here Is Your Life"!

(Skit closes with the old-time movie still of the title)

Here Is Your Life, Oak Tree

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