"Hola" Means "Hello"

sung by Maria (Sonia Manzano) and Luis (Emilio Delgado)

Luis: Each time we meet
At work or the street
We always say "hello"
But you say

Maria: "Hola"

Luis: And I say, "hola"

Both: It's a word that we both know
"Hola" means "hi"
"Hello", not "goodbye"
Why, everywhere you go

Maria: The girls say "hola"

Luis: The boys say "hola"

Both: 'Cause "hola" means "hello"

(they dance as background voices oooh and ahhh)

Both: It's not just a fad
Tell Mommy and Dad
That "hola"'s what to say

Luis: So try an "hola"

Maria: Repeat, say "hola"

Both: Tell them "hola"'s here to stay

Maria: Latins from Alaska
Or from Spain or Saint Nebraska
All say "hola" when they mean "hello"

Luis: Latins from Havana
Or Detroit or Old Montana
Know that's just how the old greeting goes

Both: Latins from Queens and the hip Argentines
Say "hola" when greeting each other
We know the way, we can all say
"Hola, what's happening, brother?"

Take it from us
And don't make a fuss
We want you in the know
So just say "hola"
Come on, say "hola"
Say "hola" instead of "hello"

Transcribed by the archive's webmistress Tiny Dancer

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