Longy and Shorty - Something Out There

cartoon with two snakes, Longy and Shorty

not complete yet

[Scene: A desert at night. Under the stars, we see Longy, a very long rattlesnake, and Shorty, a very short rattlesnake. They both wear neckerchiefs and cowboy hats. In the distance, unnoticed by the two rattlers, is a rabbit.]

Rabbit: Ahhh--ah--ahchooOOOooo!

[The snakes both jump.]

Longy: There’s something out there!

Shorty: Yeah, something came from way over there!

[Forgotten lines...something about “We’re here.”]

Shorty: And as long as it’s there ...

Longy: ... and we’re here ...

Shorty: ... then we’re ...

Longy: ... safe!

Rabbit [hopping onscreen, close to the two snakes]: Achoo!

[The snakes both jump.]

Transcribed by SilveryShoe@aol.com