Music Links

RealAudio Homepage
Don't have it? Get it here, then check out their list of places to use it.

The 70's Traveler
And here's a darn good place to start your Real Audio journey if you enjoy 70's music. Tons of excellent tunes to enjoy and many extras such as Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner's "2,000 Year Old Man". Be prepared to stay a while here.

KD Radio
Plenty of radio stations online (listen via Real Audio), I happen to like this one because of their oldies playlist.

The Lyrics Library
THE best place to start your searching, period. Wayne has done all the footwork (mousework?) for you and chosen the best fan pages and links for lyrics out there. Have a look yourself and see if you don't agree.

Lyrics World
Excellent site for lyrics, lots of oldies and links.

SingleAct's Lyrics and Music Links
Here's another good set of lyrics and music links, all kinds of goodies.

Alt.Music.Lyrics Newsgroup
When all else fails in your lyrical search this is the only link you'll need. Very helpful people here including yours truly. Pop into the Alt.Music.Lyrics Website for the FAQ, ma'am, makes it easier for all of us.

the ultimate band list
A rather large site with links to just about any musical artist on the web.

Primal Beat
Highlights Canadian bands and singers, with .wav files to download. Especially good for any of the new bands you may have heard about, but not actually heard yet. Lots of links and the choice of the Shockwave version, or low bandwith.

Vikram's MIDI-Fest
Used to be the home of a massive MIDI archive but Vikram has decided to close down. I'm leaving the link for those interested in taking it over, check the site for info.

In Your Ear
Home of Cliff, the Walking Database! A great on-line CD site covering the 50's through the 80's. And do ask Cliff a question, 10 bucks says he knows the answer, payable in cyberbucks you understand ;-)

Cool Links
....if you like that old time rock and roll they are! Lots of great links to 50-s70s stuff, as well as various singers/entertainers fan pages. Links back to the CD on-line store.

Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone magazine now has a website and it's jammed with goodies like pics, reviews, videos on command and sound files.

The bible of the music biz has some goodies in the free area, such as daily news, chart highlights, new release listings and previews, as well as links to audio clips. The paid area for subscribers has much more, of course, so have a peek.

We'll Always Remember
Nicely done site for remembering the rockers we've lost. You'll find Real Audio files including the actual radio announcements from when they died along with some samples of their work.

MovieMadness Sound Page
Terrific collection of movie sounds, with a new feature every week, a voting booth to choose the next feature and a full archive of all his movie sounds. He was a big help with my Toy Story sounds, so return the favour and visit, you won't be disappointed!

Phil's Home Page
Here you'll find the Meaningful Lyrics Area and Quotation Station as well as a good list of links. Nice work, Phil!

International Lyrics Server
Finally, we have a new way of searching for song lyrics to replace the site shut down by the Big Bad Lawyers. Better visit quickly, before the feds get a hold of it :-P NOTE: Too late, they did. The site should be offering lyrics again, though, so keep checking.

The Bee Gees Lyrics Page
You simply must see this just to laugh at yourself. You've been singing WHAT?! Find the real stuff here.

Excellent homepage for musicals, includes up-to-date Broadway news and a ton of info including lyrics for many favorites.

The Tower Lyrics Archive
A small collection of musicals including Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, Grease, Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. Plus some Disney musicals as well.

The Wav Place
Yup, this looks like THE place for .wav files. Tons of 'em including some top-notch musical Event sounds and one of the best collections of "All In The Family" sounds I've found. Well worth a visit!

Michael's Home Turf
Beginning of a HUGE site of wav file after wav file. Movies, music, lots of great new sounds for your computer.

Annie's Place - TUNES OF THE 50'S AND 60'S
And they just don't write 'em like this anymore I don't care what you say! Some pretty big files but worth the visit.

John Labovitz's e-zine-list
One of many sections in the most comprehensive listings of this sort I've found out there.

The MIDI Archive
An ftp server in the Netherlands. I've stolen some of the files on my page from right here..You got a problem with that?!

Kiss This Guy.Com (previously The Birdhouse Archive of Misheard Lyrics)
" wrapped up like a douche..." no, no, no, that CAN'T be right?! Find out what other people hear in "Blinded By The Light" among others.

Dr. Demento
The homepage for the newsgroup, and a heck of a good archive for all things related to Dr. Demento and his radio show. Tons of lyrics and a great way to find out if the Dr.'s playing on your airwaves, what a place!

Due South Down Under Sounds Gallery
So I'm surfing for sounds, as usual, and what do I find? Just a great big list of small-enough-to-load-up-on-right-now Due South sound bytes! And it comes as part of a fab site from Australia! If you're missing the dulcet tones of Fraser and Vecchio, then pop on over and load up.

John Lennon: Bagism
The first place I visited when I finally got sound. Some terrific stuff including interviews from the 60's and official Beatle Fan Club recordings only available to members back then and now all yours. Also original demos of "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love" before the Threetles got their grubby hands on 'em.

100 Beatle Links
More than you could possibly need to start a Beatle surf. Includes some description as to what you'll find at the link.

Kate Bush Links
I've saved myself the trouble of including a long list of links for Kate by giving you this one. Every possible link available is listed and commented on here. As recommended by the Lovehounds.

Harry Chapin Fan Pages
Almost all the songs from this dear, wonderful, sorely missed man. Includes some great reading material for the fan.

The Harry Chapin Archive">
From the Newsgroup, a collection of memories and pictures to enjoy. Also includes chords for you budding guitar players out there.

Hypertext Who
A darn good start for any loyal Who fan, this site has plenty of lyrics, pics, reviews and links. Long live rock!

The Unofficial Bette Midler Web Site
Absolutely packed with great Bette stuff including .wav files, IRC chat, wallpaper for Windows and Macs and more Bette links. Obviously put together by a true fan, great stuff.

A Homage To Melissa Etheridge
Terrific site, up-to-date with lots of sounds and pictures, as well as all of her wonderful words.

The Hundredth Meridian - Another Tragically Hip Attraction
The Tragically Hip are a hot and happening Canadian band that will be storming your airwaves any day now, trust me. Great band and this page will link you to lots of lyrics, sounds and other hip pages.

Holly Cole's Web Place
Not a fan-based page but Holly's actual site. Pretty good but nothing can possibly replace the sound of her stunning voice. She's a babe too (maybe that'll get you to visit!)

U2 Links
And plenty of 'em too, WOW!! Lots of great sites here.

Believe In Anything When You're Here - R.E.M.
Unofficial homepage, noncommercial tribute with good stuff for the fans.

The Complete R.E.M. Lyrics Archive
Exactly that. Click on the album, go to the complete lyrics for it.

Chris Rea Home Page
One of my faves this guy. Kinda rock, kinda laid back, kinda smart as a whip, check him out if you don't know him. If you do, then you'll love this page with lyrics and lots more.

Frank Sinatra Celebrity Shrine
Well done tribute to The Voice, includes a lovely picture gallery, sound and movie files, and a very cool net documentary feature.

Todd's Frank Sinatra Lyrics Page
THE best collection of Frank's lyrics on the net, enjoy!

Alanis Morissette
Fan based page with lots of sounds and pics.

Jan H°iberg's WWW page on The Band
Nice spot with a whole bunch of lyrics and stuff on The Band

Cave Inn
As in Nick Cave. I'm still finding out about this guy and don't know much about his music, but his lyrics keep popping up in people's sig files and I really like them so, have a peek here to find out more about this talented guy

The Exiled Underground David Cassidy FanBase!
Yup, I like the Partridges, so sue me! The only place to visit if you like David, packed with goodies.

C'mon, Get Happy!
Or try the "official" Partridge Family page. Links all over the place to articles, interviews, people selling and looking for PF stuff.

The Ultimate Monkees Page
And that it is! Lots of Monkee goodies here, including sound .wavs, MIDIs, pics, tour details, links for a chat group as well as other Monkee pages. Well done, Michael!

The Cher Homepage
Should this be under music pages or movies? Whatever, I think she's fab myself. This is a good site with info on her music, her movies, a bulletin board to trade/buy/sell Cher stuff, and much more. Promises to be expanding in the near future so whack a bookmark on it, as I have.

Rolf Harris
Wahoo! The first official fan club/homepage devoted to the great Rolf Harris. Still growing by leaps and bounds, so keep checking back. Way to go, Tony!

Billie Holiday
Lady Day herself would be very proud. Some lovely pictures, lyrics to most of her songs and even a look at what books, films and recordings to seek out. Well done tribute to one of the finest ladies to ever grace a stage.

The Carpenters
Very well done tribute to this popular duo. Includes some terrific MIDI files along with oodles of info. Well worth a visit.
Elton John Links

Elton John.Com
Finally, an official site for The Man, yahoo! And what a terrific job they've done, you simply must see this site for yourself. Sign up for The Rocket and receive a wealth of goodies not available to the public including preferred seating at concerts. Elton is indeed involved with the site so go here before spreading some rumour you've heard, he'll set you straight, so to speak ;-)

Elton John AIDS Foundation
Official site for this marvelous organization. Visit if only to see the lovely main pic, one of my faves. Elton gives a lot of his time and money to this group, so have a look and see if you can help as well.

Elton John Store.Com
The only official site online for Elton merchandise. I found the server very slow when I last checked, may have been a temporary glich.

The Illustrated Elton John Discography
The beginning of the best darn Elton song site on the net, period. Includes everything you could possibly need to know about his albums, CDs, radio shows, lyrics (see below) and much more.

Elton John Lyrics
Every single song EJ ever recorded I think! "All let Moses" ... no, it's "Holy Moses!" Very helpful and comprehensive.

Cornflakes & Classics - The musical history of Elton John
Paul Maclauchlan's incredibly comprehensive website devoted to the man's music. Includes some amazing scans from the old days, interviews, a complete discography right down to who played the banjo on "Honky Cat" (Davey Johnstone) and tons of the trivia for the fans. Excellent work, Paul!

East End Lights: The Elton John Magazine
Official site for the respected fan magazine. Not just an outstanding ad for the mag, but a wealth of current info and plenty of great links.

Farm Dogs
This is the official site for the new group Bernie Taupin (Elton's main lyricist) is in.

Rocket Records
Official site for Elton's record company, good way to keep up-to-date on his recordings, as well as checking out their other artists.

22nd Row
Home page of the esteemed 22nd Row mailing list. A must visit for the fans (and I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing)

22nd Row Archives
Good way to catch up with all the back issues

The homepage of the international fan club. Here you'll find info on joining as well as the latest EJ news. Very respected organization.

Billy and Elton - Face To Face
Beautiful tribute to the men and the concerts. I was lucky enough to catch this tour here in Toronto but my pictures didn't come out anywhere near as well as Mike's did, thank goodness they're online.

Very well site available in both English (this link) and French. Be sure to check out the picture gallery for some great pics and the Windows files area for wallpaper, icons and more.

Wall Of Sound
This will take you directly to their Elton news, updated on a regular basis, very handy link to have.

Captain Fantastic
Quite possibly the best Elton site IMHO. Terrific spot with lots of downloadable pics and loads of MIDIs and .wavs. I've been stealing from him for ages, now it's your turn. (NOTE: This link appears to be dead, alas, but I'm keeping it here in case he comes back)

Pollstar - The Concert Hotline
A dandy spot for checking on the tour dates. Covers every single artist touring, really! But you can easily narrow it down to one, such as Elton.

Elton Chat
A good way to chat with fellow fans.

RazorFace Home Page
Don't let the name fool ya, he's not so tough :-) Good collection of links and info about Elton, among many others, an entertaining visit.
Previously Gina's Elton John Page, this site now has TONS of pics, band info, current news, a quiz, a survey, a message board, it just goes on and on!

Elton John
Basically a few pics and links, but this guy actually took the photos himself. Even includes one of him with My Main Man ! Grrrrr ... can you feel the envy coming at ya, Jeff? ;-)

Darla's Elton John Tribute Page
Hot off the presses and brand spanking new! You'll find some nice pics and awards, as well as some good links here, have a visit.

Elton John Links
Great set of links to wander through and seperated by category, very handy.

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