The "N" Interview

classic cartoon

[A few vehicles and a hippie on a scooter fly by and then the reporter comes into the scene]

Reporter: Hi-ho, everybody! It's the ever popular "Letter On The Street" Interview Show!
Here's a likely-looking letter.

[A lower-case letter N comes into the scene.]

Your name?

N: N.

Reporter: How are you?

N: Nice

Reporter: Do you mind if I ask you some questions?

N: No.

Reporter: Where are you from?

N: North.

Reporter: Ever been on TV before?

N: Never.

Reporter: Do you like it?

N: Nifty.

Reporter: Would you like to say a few words?

N: Nod, nibble, new, night, now ...

Reporter: Thank you very ...

N Interview

N: Nag, neat, nine, near, numb ...

Reporter: Thank you very ...

N: Nose, nickel, number ...

Reporter: [overlapping N's next 3 N words]
We're a little late, folks. So, bye-bye. [Both leave]

N: Nut, nick, nab. Nerve, noon, net.

Reporter: [Sticking his head in the camera shot]
26 letters in the alphabet and I gotta get "N".

Transcribed and pic supplied by David Frangioso