The O Song

performed by Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks
complete, at last, yeeha!


Grow and go
Roll over the road
Where the goat explodes all the Os
And the crow flies low
Past the croaking toad
And the boat floats over the ocean

But the wind did blow
And it started to snow
So the toad went home
To the telephone
He spoke to the goat
Who was eating a bowl of bones, potatoes and soap (o-o-o-o-o-o)

A rope did float
And hook the goat
And a boy climbed the stone made of Os
The Os turned to smoke
And started to float
Closer to the bulldozer

Who closed up the hole
So the cold wind could not blow
And the sun did show
So the roses could grow
And the whole world would know
That the boat, bulldozer, toad, and the crow
And the boy and the rope, riding the goat
Were all OK (o-o-o-o)
(O .....)

A massive group effort on this one, namely Cathy, Rat and and HUGE final touches added by David Herrick