Oh, What A Fabulous Party

a cartoon

Oh, what a fabulous party
My, what a swanky soiree
Yes, anybody who's anyone
Is gathered at the table today

I'm sitting next to the Hostess
Right next to Flippy the Chimp
He's next to Princess von Toaster-head
And she's sitting next to a Blimp

Next comes the Bowling Pin Heiress
Next to the family from Voop
They're next to somebody no one knows
Who stuck his nose in the soup!

He's next to Doctor Del Gatto
Next to Penelope Bone
Next to a famous Astrologist
Who talks on a cellular phone

Next comes Prime Minister Hoo-ha
Next to a talented flea
She's sitting next to the Hostess
The Hostess is next to me!

Transcribed by Jen Finlayson