Rappin' Alphabet

sung by Ferlinghetti Donizetti (Kevin Clash)
a parody (I believe) of Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti
and danced by Grover (Frank Oz)

Ferlinghetti Donizetti is my name
Rhyming and rappin, is my game
So listen up, and don't forget
The easy rhythm rappin' alphabet
Let's break!

(Grover is now breakdancing - most hysterical)

It starts right off in the usual way
With the very first letter, the letter A
After that is B and C
Then we move to D and E
F and G are next on track
Hey, as I continue with my alphabet rap
H appears then I and J
And then on tap, the letter K
L and M are next in line
And the letter N is right behind
After that comes O and P
then Q R S and T
U is the letter that comes up next
Then V and W and X
Y appears and can it be?
We've come to the end with the letter Z
Now you see the fun you get from
Rappin' up that alphabet
Oh yeah!
All right!

Transcribed by rapmaster Robert Moszenberg

available on the CD-ROM

Sesame Street: Letters