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Tadpole a little fella in a rush to grow up to be just like Kermit, weren't we all?

sound byte alert! Take A Breath or you'll pass out on me, please!

Available as a full .mp3 file 1M, and on YouTube

~~ Take A Rest "take it slow, take it easy, take a rest"

~~ Take Care Of That Smile Just curious, have you brushed your teeth yet?

~~ Takin' Turns from "Sesame Country", the gang is "sharing the good times"

skit/cartoon The Tale Of Tom Tattertall Tuttletut tiny tale of a t-lover

~~ Tall Short Texans see, everything's NOT big in Texas

~~ Tall Enough when all that mattered was being able to reach the snacks

picture(s) sound byte alert! The Teeny Little Super Guy Ummm ... see, he's this little guy on a glass and he has a pet spoon and ... aw forget it, just enjoy his short theme!

Available as a full .mp3 file 370K

- Intro - YouTube Video
- Danger - YouTube Video
- Owning A Pet - YouTube Video
- Riding An Eggbeater - YouTube Video
- Road Safety (R.W.'s Hat) - YouTube Video
- School - YouTube Video
- Taking Turns - YouTube Video

sound byte alert! Telephone Rock with the band serenading the operator from a phone booth

Watch it online at YouTube

~~ Telly's Aquarium the residents of Telly's aquarium sing a groovy ditty to the tune of "The Age of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In"

~~ Telly's Lunch to the tune of "The Brady Bunch", Telly makes a healthy lunch

~~ Telly's Outer Space Friend making friends all over the globe, and beyond

skit/cartoon Telly Word Skits two short skits so far, not sure how many more there are

skit/cartoon Ten a cartoon showing the dangers of kissing fruit-flavored animals

sound byte alert! The Ten Commandments Of Health

See it on YouTube

sound byte alert! Ten Tiny Turtles On The Telephone "ten rutabagas with the dimples on their knees"

Available as a full .mp3 file 1M, and on YouTube

~~ Thankful Heart from "The Muppet Christmas Carol"

~~ That's How We Got Here the birds and the bees Sesame-style!

skit/cartoon picture(s) That's Love rehearsal for a Prairie Dawn production with Bert as Cupid

~~ That's Not Homer a kid loses his pet, Homer, and has a heck of a time being reunited

~~ That's What Friends Are For Ernie and Bert duet, "I don't mind if you like pigeons, if you like 'em, I don't mind it, that's what friends are for!"

~~ That's What People Do "Busy people, the whole day through, all have got a job to do"

picture(s) That's What Reading's All About with Farley and Same Sound Brown, from the old days

sound byte alert! "Can't you see There's A Bird On Me?" If I were a hippo with a bird on my back I'd be ticked too!

Available as a full .mp3 file 890K, and on YouTube

~~ There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea classic tongue-twister by Grover, thanks, Don!

~~ There's A Lot Of Different Ways To Get To School cars, bikes, walking, we don't care, just get there!

sound byte alert! "Just look around you, it's easy to see, There's Nothing We Women Can't Be" stirring feminist anthem

Enjoy it on YouTube

~~ They Not Take That Away From Me Cookie Monster's losing his cookies!

~~ Things That I Already Know for a kid, all kinds of things he can do all by himself, way to go!

~~ Things Are Always Changing but moving doesn't mean you should be sad, just listen to Hoots The Owl

sound byte alert! Things That I Remember beautiful testimonial to Ernie and Bert's enduring friendship

You can watch it on YouTube

~~ Thinking Of U classic Beatles parody

~~ This Frog truly inspiring tune by Kermit ... gets ya right here ... sniff ...

skit/cartoon This Is A Big Letter V cartoon where a man learns a painful lesson from the letter V

~~ This Song Is For The Birds actually, in Biff's accent, this should be the boids

~~ Three another classic from the cartoon fiddler, short but sweet

~~ Three Dancing Chickens not complete, "What's going on in the henhouse today?"

skit/cartoon The Three Pretty Kitties who live in a house made of celery

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! Three Witches where three Muppet witches cooperate to make a pot of chicken soup, not complete

See it on YouTube

skit/cartoon Tiger Hunt classic album skit with Ernie and Mr. Tiger

picture(s) sound byte alert! Time to Say Goodnight lovely lullabye from Andrea Bocelli to help Elmo nod off

Watch it online at YouTube

picture(s) Together We'll Make Music - with Garth Brooks (includes pic from show)

~~ Toreador "L" Song only Sesame Street could tackle the opera "Carmen"!

sound byte alert! Toucan Two-Step sung by the cartoon fiddler

Watch it online at YouTube

sound byte alert! Touch, Hold, Feel "So, reach, touch, feel, find, love!"

Available as a full .mp3 file 1M, and on YouTube

~~ The Train To Morrow all-time classic from "The Muppet Show", you're a jewel, Robert!

~~ Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5 to the tune of "Pennsylvania 6-5000"

~~ Transylvania Love Call "You're my Transylvania toot toot tootsie!"

~~ The Transylvania Polka man, can those vampires boogie!

sound byte alert! True Blue Miracle classic feel-good tune from "Christmas Eve On Sesame Street"

Newer version with Elmo available as a full .mp3 file 2.8M
and you can watch the original scene on YouTube

~~ Tu Me Gustas (I Like You) even in Spanish, you're pretty darn likeable!

sound byte alert! The Twelve Days Of Christmas classic muppet version of a holiday fave, great family singalong

Available as a full .mp3 file 4M

skit/cartoon Twelveia cartoon about a spoiled princess

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star not THAT one, Don Music's version, of course! Now includes the whole skit, it's a scream!

Enjoy it yourself on YouTube

~~ Two a pretty cool number, when it adds up to you and me

sound byte alert! Two "G" Sounds a lovely duet about the different sounds of the letter G with Grover and George

See it on YouTube

~~ Two Heads Are Better Than One Herry Monster and The Two-Headed Monster's duet ... that's a lot of twos!

sound byte alert! Two Little Dolls Having a fine time sipping tea 'till those big bad ... oh I won't spoil it for you!

Find out for yourself on YouTube

~~ Two Princes with The Spin Doctors ... cool!

sound byte alert! Two Trees what a perfect way of explaining divorce, Sesame style

Enjoy it on YouTube

skit/cartoon picture(s) sound byte alert! The Typewriter Guy 26 letter skits *and* some pics and wallpapers of the talking typewriter cartoon, woohoo!

His much-requested "Noony, Noony, Noony" available in .mp3 format

YouTube Vids: Letter B, Letter C, Letter V

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The "U" Lecture with Ernie and Professor Hastings, who keeps nodding off

skit/cartoon The Union for Bat's Rights skit where The Count's bats go on strike

~~ Up and Down "I look at you and sing a song about up and down!" (updated to include dialogue, thanks Jake)

~~ Upside-Down World Ernie and Bert get all topsy-turvey in a helicopter

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~~ skit/cartoon
V - Vine cartoon where the little girl grows a v-vine

~~ A Very, Very Special Letter a very, very silly song by Big Bird.

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! The Villain In The Panama Hat hide the vase, just don't put it in the vat!

Available as a full .avi file 3.5M, and on YouTube

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skit/cartoon sound byte alert!
W For Wilbur cartoon where Wilbur learns to respect the letter W

Watch it online at YouTube

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! W for Wilhemina classic cartoon with a proud little girl

See it on YouTube

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! Waiting For Lefty will Lefty remember the secret knock? Will the Boss rub him out if he doesn't?!

Enjoy it on YouTube

~~ Walking Down My Street Big Bird's cheery tune as he walks down Sesame Street

~~ Wally a rhyming opera - "A trolly took Wally, and Polly, his collie.."

~skit/cartoon picture(s) sound byte alert! Wanda The Witch classic cartoon, "Around her waist, instead of a belt, she wore a worm"

See it online at YouTube

~~ Watermelons And Cheese classic sung by Monty, cute way to teach kids how to answer the phone

~~ Wavin' Goodbye To You With My Heart sung by our own Miss Polly Darton!

sound byte alert! We All Sing With The Same Voice also known as "My Name Is You", with kids from around the world expressing their similarities

Available as a full .mp3 file 1M, and on YouTube

sound byte alert! We Are All Earthlings Kermit and his animal friends sing for all of us

Available as a full .mp3 file 2M, and on YouTube

~~ We Are All Monsters all different, but still the same

~~ We Got A Brand New Baby and this little muppet's not sure if that's a good thing

sound byte alert! We Wish You A Merry Christmas classic carol done Muppet style

John Denver's version available as a full .mp3 file 1.6M
The Muppets Gang's version available as a full .mp3 file 1.7M

~~ We'll Do It Together also known as The Cookie Tree, classic

sound byte alert! "We're Alive 'cause we eat and breathe and grow ...", with Kermit

Available as a full .mp3 file 1M, and on YouTube

~~ Weaver Bird could be complete, "Sing, little weaverbird, happy, cross the sky"

~~ Wet Paint from the "Signs!" album, "Stay away from wet paint!"

sound byte alert! Wet Paint different song, "Drippy, lumpy, gushy, gloppy, smeary, smelly, slippy, sloppy ..."

You can watch it online at YouTube

~~ Wet Paint yet another different song with David, Gordon and Maria, "Never sit where you see 'Wet Paint' 'cause if you do, you might say, 'Yipes!'"

sound byte alert! What Are Kids Called? let's see now ... kittens, puppies, calfs, lambs and, oh yeah, kids!

Available as a full .mp3 file 1M, and on YouTube

sound byte alert! What Do I Do When I'm Alone? Grover sings about being alone

Available as a full .mp3 file 2M

sound byte alert! "What Do You Do With A Fruit? they're squishy and run down your suit!"

Available as a full .mp3 file 2M, and on YouTube

~~ What Do You Do With A Pet? why, you pet him of course

sound byte alert! What Is Friend? can Cookie Monster give up a cookie for a friend?

See it online at YouTube

~~ What Makes Music? "Anything makes music when you’re happy on the inside" missing one word

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! What Rhymes With "Buy" And Is Delicious? skit with Cookie Monster, Mike the Baker and Guy Smiley

Watch it online at YouTube

~~ "What's It Like To Be In School? Is it fun, is it cool?"

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! What's My Letter? classic skit with Guy Smiley and Prairie Dawn

Watch it online at YouTube

sound byte alert! What's The Name Of That Song? It goes la-de-da-de-dum! ... but we STILL don't know its name!

You can watch it online at YouTube

sound byte alert! When Bert's Not Here Ernie gets a little lonely, awww ...

See it on YouTube

~~ When I'm Calling U Do the names Jeanette and Nelson ring a bell? Naaa, you're probably too young!

~~ When I'm Itchy, I Scratch so do I, far out!

SPECIAL When Muppets Cry not from the show, but a fan's beautiful tribute

sound byte alert! When The River Meets The Sea John Denver's version of a fave from "Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas."

Available as a small .wav file 590K, and on YouTube

sound byte alert! When We Grow Up by Diana Ross, from "Free To Be ... You And Me"

See the original version with Roberta Flack and Michael Jackson on YouTube

~~ When You Grow Up so many choices, what will you be?

~~ Where Does The Water Go? cartoon mom explains it to her son, one line uncertain

sound byte alert! Who Am I? "I am the mountain, I am the plain"

Enjoy it for yourself on YouTube

skit/cartoon Who Took Elmo's Box? cute Elmo and Oscar skit

sound byte alert! Who You Looking At Tiger? uh oh, I think he's looking at ME!!

Look at it on YouTube

sound byte alert! William's Doll by Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas, from "Free To Be ... You And Me"

See it on YouTube

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! Willie Wimple some songs with that nasty polluter, Willie

Available multimedia: Boating - full .mp3 file 2.8M - YouTube Video
- Walking - full .mp3 file 1M - YouTube Video

~~ Windy Day "Look how the breeze turns pirouettes", not complete yet

sound byte alert! With Every Beat Of My Heart by Little Jerry and The Monotones

Available in a full .mp3 file 1.5M

sound byte alert! "Wonder Child, this I know, it's no wonder that I love you so ..." by Helen Reddy

Available as a full .mp3 file 2.6M, and on YouTube (Richie Havens' version)

~~ Wonderful Me by Big Bird, "Who is the bird who is happy and proud? Me!"

~~ Word Family Song (ET) with Mr. Hooper *sniff* and others

sound byte alert! Word Family Song (OP) classic stuff, as in "You take an H, huh, and an O-P OP!"

Available as a full .mp3 file 1M and on YouTube

sound byte alert! The Word Is No Just too much negativity in the world don't you think? Group hug all!

Available as a full .mp3 file 1.7M, and on YouTube

~~ The Worm Co-operation Song co-operating in space, mind you, what a group!

sound byte alert! Would You Like To Buy An O? Classic from the early days, with Ernie being propositioned by an O dealer!

Available as a full .mp3 file 1.7M, and on YouTube

~~ Write It Down so you don't forget like Forgetful Jones

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X Marks The Spot Sherlock Hemlock clears up the X situation for us

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Yankee Doodle Don Music's twisted version!

skit/cartoon picture(s) sound byte alert! "He dreams about you, The Yellow Ya-hoo" , classic cartoon

Available as a full .mp3 file 1M, and on YouTube

~~ Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow "Time is something no one can borrow ..." sung by Judy Collins, not complete

~~ Yip Yip Family proving once again that aliens and humans aren't that different really

~~ You Moon love song to the moon, to the tune of "Blue Moon"

~~ "You Tickle Me, you make me laugh, I'm happy as can be"

~~ You'll Never Take the Texas Out of Me Tanya Tucker and Big Bird duet

~~ You’re A Family doesn't take much to be a family

sound byte alert! You're Alive sing it with me now... Oh, breathe in, ah, breathe out

See it on YouTube

~~ You're Always Welcome At Our House and you're never coming back! From "The Muppet Show"

~~ You're Beautiful (Just As You Are) Oscar finds some beauty in a museum

~~ You're Gonna Be A Star Big Bird adopts an Egyptian prince at the museum

sound byte alert! You're My Baby "You're pretty as a picture in The Baby News"

Available as a full .avi file 14M, and on YouTube, thank you so much!

~~ Your Feet's Too Big heard on the show but I have no idea who sang it, help!

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Zig Zag Dance "the zany, zesty, zippy, zingy Zig Zag Dance!"

sound byte alert! The Zizzy Zoomers Zig, zag, zoom!

You can watch it online at YouTube

sound byte alert! ZZ Blues sung by a band looking remarkably similar to ZZ Top

Rock on at YouTube


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