Everyone Feels A Little Shy

sung by Big Bird (Carroll Spinney) and Susan (Loretta Long)
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Transcriber's note: It begins with Big Bird telling Susan how bad he feels because when David's Grandma called and wanted to talk to him, he couldn't think of anything to say. So Susan sings him this song. I don't remember the first part, but here's what do I recall:

Susan: No one's certain every minute. Not me, not you.
Everyone wants to run and hide
Sometimes, now and then.
Everyone has a little fear inside
Lots of folks used to suck their thumbs,
And anyone can say something dumb.
So if you (?), don't cry.
'Cause everyone feels a little...

Big Bird: Don't have to embarrassed!
Both: 'Cause everyone feels a little shy!

(After that Big Bird feels much better and says he going to call David's Grandma back. He runs off to do so.)

Transcribed by SlvrSlprz@aol.com