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The Count

~~ (All I Want For Christmas) Is My Two Front Teeth The Count makes a Christmas wish

~~ The Batty Bat a perfect way for the Count to learn how to count

~~ Bats In My Belfry hmmm ... now who do you think has this problem?

~~ Blue Suede Shoes The Count rocks out to Elvis!

~~ Bones (Inside Of You) The Count sings about our inards!

sound byte alert! The Coconut Counting Man Harry Belafonte and The Count duet

Available as a full .mp3 file 2.4M

skit/cartoon The Count And The Candles things get a little dark for our counting friend

The Count and Cookie Monster Cooperate skit where the boys help each other

skit/cartoon The Count Counts Five skit with The Count, Ernie, and a telephone

skit/cartoon The Count Counts 10 skit with The Count, Kermit, and an elevator, "Hop? In my trench coat?"

sound byte alert! Counting Is Wonderful "Put some bounce in your life and start counting now!"

Available as a small .wav file 314K

~~ Counting Vacation where The Count goes on vacation (supposedly!)

~~ Count On Me Loretta Lynn and The Count count on each other

~~ The Count's Birdy-Pox Lullaby poor Big Bird's got birdy-pox, but his buddy sings and counts him to sleep

~~ The Count's Lullaby awww! Even bats and spiders need a lullaby

~~ Count Up To Nine beware of guys that say "you’ll count up to nine if you love me" ;-)

~~ Count von Count's Continuous Country Cookin' Downhome Diner from "Sesame Country"

~~ Deck The Halls from "A Muppet Family Christmas"

~~ Deck The Halls Medley older version, another good sing-along tune for your family to try

sound byte alert! Do De Rubber Duck Ernie's reggae tribute to his yellow buddy

Available as a full .mp3 file 2.7M
and see it online at YouTube

~~ Eight Beautiful Notes guess who loves counting music notes?

~~ The First Day Of School a real drag man, 'till The Count realizes he can count all the kids!

skit/cartoon Grover The Waiter - and The Count where The Count wants a hot dog ... or two, or three or ...

~~ Happy Birthday To Me celebrate your big day with the gang

~~ Hot, Hot, Hot Elmo's feeling hot, hot, hot!

~~ I Think That It Is Wonderful classic tune where everyone chimes in on their favorite subjects

~~ If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd Have Baked A Cake Cookie Monster and The Count duet

sound byte alert! The Lambaba! The Count counting sheep, get it? LamBAABAA!

Available as a full .mp3 file 2.4M

~~ The Limerick Song (Come On and Sing Along with Me) A singalong that sends Oscar packing

~~ Macarena even the Street's not safe from this dance craze!

~~ Measuring duet with husband and wife team of Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, The Count helps with the visuals

picture(s) Sesame Jamboree from "Sesame Country", yee-ha! Also includes the version done by Alison Krauss and Union Station (along with a pic)

~~ Six different from Bert's tune, this one's The Count counting on the beach

skit/cartoon picture(s) Six Feet Under cute parody of the popular TV show with The Count

~~ The Song Of The Count short and sweet theme song for our counting friend, not complete

~~ Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5 to the tune of "Pennsylvania 6-5000"

~~ Transylvania Love Call "You're my Transylvania toot toot tootsie!"

~~ The Transylvania Polka man, can those vampires boogie!

sound byte alert! The Twelve Days Of Christmas classic muppet version of a holiday fave, great family singalong

Available as a full .mp3 file 4M

skit/cartoon The Union for Bat's Rights skit where The Count's bats go on strike

sound byte alert! What's The Name Of That Song? It goes la-de-da-de-dum! ... but we STILL don't know its name!

You can watch it online at YouTube

SPECIAL When Muppets Cry not from the show, but a fan's beautiful tribute

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